Princess Charlene Wears Cartier for the Red Cross Ball 2015

You might remember the red Valentino jumpsuit Princess Charlene wore last month to the Red Cross Ball in Monaco. The Princess of Monaco was also adorned with a new pair of stud earrings and a bracelet.

Princess Charlene wearing Cartier Maillon Panthère cuff bracelet

And while I couldn't identify the earrings, the diamond bracelet is from Cartier.

Cartier Maillon Panthère cuff bracelet

The cuff bracelet comes from the Maillon Panthère collection which is named after the Panthère jewels, Cartier's icon. It's made of 18K pink gold and 1,302 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 30.28 carats.

 Maillon Panthère cuff bracelet Princess Charlene

Princess Charlene seems to be growing fond of Cartier as she sported her diamond and pearl earrings more than once this summer, but it's no surprise really since even her wedding band is Cartier.

Princess Charlene Cartier Bracelet

This diamond beauty costs $236,000, whether it's a loan or a new addition to her collection is something for us to debate here in comments!

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert Red Cross Ball 2015

Do you like Charlene's Panthère?
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Beatrice Borromeo in Valentino Couture Wedding Dress

Wedding bells were ringing yesterday in Monaco for Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo. The couple that has been dating since May 2008 announced their engagement last March and are to have a religious ceremony next week in the Borromean Islands which, as the name suggests, are owned by Beatrice's family.

A photo posted by Valentino (@maisonvalentino) on

For the occasion, the bride chose a Valentino Haute Couture wedding gown designed by Creative Directors, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli (Unlike Princess Madeleine's wedding dress that was designed by Mr. Valentino himself).

Beatrice Borromeo wedding dress

Beatrice Borromeo's wedding dress is made in pale pink and gold lace silk chiffon. As hard to get as photos from the wedding are, the royal wedding doesn't seem to have been so private after all as Monaco Matin has photos from the bash in today's issue, with one on the cover.

Guests of the wedding include all of the Grimadli clan, with Prince Albert and Princess Charlene in the lead. So it wouldn't be too hard to believe that Princess Charlene wore Valentino for the Red Cross Ball last night as a compliment to the bride's Italian roots. Especially since Beatrice's uncle, Count Matteo Marzotto, is the former president and director of the Valentino fashion house.

From what I can see, I really like this dress, it's elegant and effortless and the pink works like magic on Beatrice's complexion. I also love the purple flowers in her wavy hair and natural makeup.

Beatrice had another Valentino Haute Couture wedding gown for the night gala, this time a sleeveless ball gown with hand-painted blue parts all over it. You can see it in this video

So what do you think of the wedding dress of Beatrice Borromeo?

Photos: MaisonValentino, Monaco Matin

Princess Charlene in Valentino for the Red Cross Ball 2015

After attending the civil wedding of Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene headed to the Salle des Étoiles in Monte Carlo for the 2015 Red Cross Ball.

Princess Charlene Valentino

We still don't have any pictures from the wedding, so we know nothing about Beatrice's outfit so far. But luckily, we have photos of Charlene from La Bal de Croix Rouge and I could identify her ensemble shortly!

Princess Charlene red dress
Princess Charlene wearing Valentino.
The Princess of Monaco chose a red Valentino jumpsuit from the Resort 2015 collection. The jumpsuit is made of silk crepe and features wide-legged trousers and a one-shoulder cut.

Valentino Resort 2015 jumpsuit.
The frock comes with a scarf that Charlene has tactfully made into a bow and placed it on the shoulder (Which made me think the whole thing was Lanvin).

Diamond earrings Charlene

Colour? Check. New Designer? Check. Edginess? Check. BLNG? Check (We will discuss Charlene's sandals, new bracelet and earrings later).

Are you as happy to see Princess Charlene in Valentino as I am?


Princess Charlene in Akris for a Photoshoot

Earlier this month, The Princely Family of Monaco gave an interview to Hello! and posed for them in the gardens of the palace.

The couple talked about how different the twins are and how fast they're growing.

This is the twins' first ever feature on a magazine. You can also notice that Baby Gabriella is wearing a super cute necklace! #FirstPieceOfJewelry.

In his teeny jeans and sneakers, Prince Jacques was proclaimed as the most active of the twins.

For the photo shoot, Charlene de Monaco wore a white Akris Metallic-Striped Wrap-Front Dress.

The dress is now sold out on most stores but

Princess Charlene in Manolo Blahnik BB pumps.

Adding a bit of interest to the simple frock, Princess Charlene paired it with coral Suede BB Pumps from Manolo Blahnik which you can buy from Barneys for $595.


I think it's perfect for a day in the Princely Gardens (If you're being photographed)

Did the shoes do the trick for you?


Princess Charlene in Dior (shoes) for Day 1 of Prince Albert's 10th Jubilee

Yesterday Prince Albert and Princess Charlene hosted the entire population of Monegasques for a cocktail to celebrate the 10th jubilee of Prince Albert.

The couple also received the gifts from the people of Monaco for the baptism of the princely twins, Gabriella and Jacques.

Presented by the Mayor of Monaco, Georges Marsan, while being watched by the twins from the balcony, the gifts were two exceptional Cartier pieces from the 1920's.

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

Princess Gabriella received what is probably her first piece of serious jewelry. This one is a 1925 brooch with geometric shapes. It seems to be made of crystal, diamonds and pearls.
Princess Gabriella's Cartier brooch.

Prince Jacques received a Cartier Large Tank Cintrée watch which is a real collector's item.

Prince Jacques' Cartier watch.

During the cocktail, Princess Charlene surprised Prince Albert (and all of us) and made her first ever speech in French where she called Albert "The prince of my heart". You can watch it below:

Princess Charlene giving a speech in French for the first time.
Now on to her outfit, I still don't know who designed this pale pink dress, but it's most probably either Akris or Dior.
The back of Princess Charlene's pink dress.
The structure and back of the dress look somehow similar to this number from the Akris pre-fall 2015 collection.
This is the kind of dress that no other royal would wear but our Char. And while I would have liked a bolder color, I think this is just perfect for her to look elegant without stealing Albie's thunder. I also like that it says business from the front and PARTY at the back!

Princess Charlene's Dior shoes.
For the shoes, Charlene chose a leather and suede calfskin pair of pumps from Dior.

This choice of footwear is quite simple but I like the layered look created by the matte and glossy materials used. You can buy the same style in black for £480 from the Dior store.

Finally, The Princess of Monaco finished her look with a new pair of Dior Exquise sunglasses in black and pink. Charlene already has another pair of the same style in black and blue. You can buy a brown and pink version for $725 from Bergdorf Goodman.

The usual pearl studs and The Princess's engagement ring finished the look. And can I just point out that Char's hair and makeup were very on fleek?

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene hugging after her speech.

Do you like this look as much as I do?


Princess Charlene in Ralph Lauren for a Cocktail Reception

Last week the Prince and Princess of Monaco welcomed actors and actresses from around the world at the palace for a cocktail reception for the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

Princess Charlene in a Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 dress 

Charlene went for a rather subtle gown from the Spring 2015 collection of Ralph Lauren.

The dress features military-inspired pockets and epaulettes. And right before it was about to turn into a huge meh, the dress turned out to be backless (It's the white one in the background here)!

And the couple gave us some cuteness to make me forget that the frock would have looked better with the belt from the runway... okay!

The Princess of Monaco wore tan sandals and red lipstick... etc. Let's skip to the earrings!

Princess Charlene in Graff Diamonds earrings.

The earrings are obviously from Graff (I got that confirmed) and that gave me a lot of ideas: Char has worn several earrings with the same hoops, the main stones at the end are set in yellow gold while the hoops are set in white gold. So I thought that maybe Charlene owns the hoops and changes the bottom stones every time for a fresh look. And I turned out to be.... WRONG, as Graff confirmed that the bottom stones are not detachable.

This is Charlene's second pair of Graff Diamonds earrings in a week, and it's worth about a million dollars. Whether they're a loan, a gift or a recent purchase she just made, we'll probably never know. But we'll discuss that next week in a post!

Did this dress make it for you or is it just too white?

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Princess Charlene Wears Graff for the Monte Carlo TV Festival 2015

While Prince Carl-Philip was tying the knot in a pretty cool ceremony in Sweden, Princess Charlene was opening the Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo

Right on what she wore, I really don't know. This black draped dress is surely not Akris and it's not on the runway of any of Charlene's regular brands or on sale in any stores that I've looked. However, it might be a version of this Ralph Lauren or this Hermes. If you have any idea, do tell!

Princess Charlene in Hermes shoes.
Charlene wore the "Highlight" Sandals from Hermes. The shoes are made of suede goatskin and their buckles are gold plated, fancy, eh? You can order this foot candy from the Hermes store for £820 (I don't really want to know much that is in dollars).

Now to the important part...

The Princess might have missed a tiara event, but she made sure to throw us a bone, a bone worth $700,000...
These earrings come from Graff Diamonds, and are made of diamonds and rubies. Alanna Martinez from had the chance to try the earrings in March in 2015 at the European Fine Art Fair in Holland.

Since they're valued at around 700,000, it's quite safe to assume that they're a loan.

Do you like these earrings on Charlene?

Photos: Zimbio, Hermes,,

Princess Charlene in Akris for the Monaco Grand Prix 2015

Today Princess Charlene made a much anticipated appearance at the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco.

Arriving with Prince Albert in the new BMW i8 Electric Hybrid Supercar, Her Serene Highness was wearing a calcite white dress from Akris.

Princess Charlene's dress is custom made based on a design from the Spring 2015 collection and featured a pleated high-low skirt, a deep v-neck with a tulle insert and another tulle insert on the shoulders.

The original version is available on the Akris online store for $2,990.

Princess Charlene wearing Dior Tribale Earrings.

Char accessorized her outfit with silver Dior pumps and Dior Tribale Earrings.

Dior Tribale Earrings
I was honestly wondering when Charlene was going to wear a pair from this collection. Finally, she chose the pearl resin and grey crystal paved version. The earrings are temporarily unavailable on Dior's website but they cost £380 and should be back in stock soon.

The Princess of Monaco also showed us that she added yet another cross necklace to her collection.

Two things make me really unsure about this look: 1. The jacket which wasn't nearly as edgy as the dress itself and it made the entire outfit look ill-fitted. 2. The hair.

Charlene always goes wild and big for the Grand Prix, and this time was no exception. Everything else was on fleek for me, her dress, makeup, accessories, happiness....

Did this look sweep you off your feet or was it just a fashion miss?

Photos: Parismatch, PalaisPrincier, Akris, Dior