Princess Charlene in Diesel, Akris and Ralph Lauren for the Sainte-Dévote Tournament

A while ago Princess Charlene attended the Sainte-Dévote Tournament in Monte-Carlo.

Princess Charlene in Diesel Jeans
You may recall Charlene attending the same event last year in a Versace coat. This year, the Princess of Monaco wore a pair of Diesel skinny jeans, A simple white blouse and a repeated Akris Cassini 2 cape.

Charlene paired her outfit with grey Suede Tasella Booties from Ralph Lauren Collection.

Princess Charlene wearing Ralph Lauren booties.

The booties are Italian made of  "sumptuous suede" and are now marked down from $750 to $249 on the Ralph Lauren website.

Dior Exquise sunglasses in black and blue covered the eyes of her serene highness while Charlene's other pearl necklace (Which we will discuss soon) and the cross necklace graced her neck.

Finally, Charlene finished her look with the pearl stud earrings.

I love how casually elegant this look is, I didn't expect to see this jeans-cape combo from Charlene and I think the huge shape of the cape balances skinniness of these jeans. This, ladies and gentlemen, is smart casual at its best.

For more information about Sainte-Dévote Tournament, click HERE.

Do you like this look as much as I do?
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Photos: Zimbio, royaldish, palaisprincier,, purepeople

Princess Charlene in Akris for the 2015 Laureus World Sports Awards

The Laureus World Sports Awards might have been held in Shanghai this year, but the winner of the Sportsman of the Year, Novak Djokovic didn't have to travel to the other side of the world to receive his award this morning.

Princess Charlene handed it to him right from the Monte-Carlo Sporting Club where they were filmed and streamed live to all attendees at Shanghai Grand Theatre.

 The Princess wore a blue Akris leather peplum jacket under what seems to be pants and top combo. The jacket is made of lamb nappa leather and is currently available on Akris e-store for $4,390. The looks AMAZING on her, doesn't it?

The very cheerful princess debuted what a new pair of gold stud earrings and a necklace with  some pendant that I need to see a better picture of. The newly debuted cross necklace was also in sight.

I have to say I'm really surprised, the blog goes offline for a week only to find Charlene attending 3 events (We'll cover the 2 other ones later) and wearing 2 necklaces at once to two of those events, WOW! I just hope the jewelry is there to stay in her highness's style.

Do you like this jacket as much as I do?

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Photos: Zimbio, Akris

And We're Back!

 Firstly, let me thank everyone that has emailed, tweeted or asked about the blog through any social media channel. It felt amazing when I received the first email asking what happened to the blog.

So what happened to The Royal Couturier?

Basically, a lot of time and effort were put into this blog over the past few months in order to turn it into a place where we all can enjoy ourselves a little bit more. From the new design all the way to the new logo (Our coat of arms has a dress :D), the content will also have an evolution of its own.

We're still discussing royals, Princess Charlene, you're not off the hook. But we'll also be looking at more designers that I hope to see more people/royals supporting as well as covering some of the most important fashion events in Egypt and the Middle East. So from now on, together we'll be looking at everything royal and everything couture. The new features will be:
  • The Egyptian Couturier.
  • Train Tuesday/Thursday.
  • Fabric Friday.
  • I'm not telling you about the rest. :P

Finally, let me thank everyone that contributed over the past few months to make my vision of TRC come true:
  • Matej Bilić: banner and logo designer.
  • Eve M.: Webdesiger.
  • Hadeer Hameed.
  • Bassam ElMahy.
  • Ashrakut Ammar
  • Marwan Salim.
  • Hisham Sittin.
I would have had an emotional breakdown and stopped blogging if it weren't for you all, and you readers of course :)

So what are you waiting, start exploring!

Dinner with the Queens

Last week I was invited to dinner with 12 of Miss Earth beauty queens at Mirai, the pan Asian restaurant in Zamalek, Cairo.

The 12 beauties were in Egypt to participate in the Miss Eco-Queens beauty pageant 2015 that was held to support the Egyptian tourism. Dressed in their finest cocktail dresses and their crowns, the night was surely a royal affair.

A photo posted by Akram AlNagdy (@royalcouturier) on

One of my favorite dresses of the night was Miss UK's frock that had multi-colored floral embroideries. When we asked where she got from, the answer was "Just a boutique in London".

The highlight of the day though was when I asked Miss Chile if her crown was made of real stones only to have her saying no and placing the crown on my own head!

Luckily, the food was so awesome it made me get over that moment of awkward awesomeness.

One more thing to make the night feel even more royal? The dress of the lady on the right reminded me of the Valentino dress Queen Rania wore to Princess Iman's graduation last year!

My Princess Charlene Wishlist from London Fashion Week

It's rare when we see Princess Charlene wearing from a designer that shows on London Fashion Week. So for Fall 2015, I picked a few runway looks that I think the Princess of Monaco would totally rock (if she ever chose to)!

Right suede coat. Left: top and skirt from Burberry

This is the only brand that Char has worn on this list. The suede coat on the left is something you can easily expect her wearing. And I know you might think that the look on the right isn't exactly her style, but don't you think she would look elegantly playful in that skirt?

Antonio Berardi
Black Antonio Berardi jumpsuit and dress

Add a blazer to this black Berardi jumpsuit and you've got a killer look. Charlene Von Monaco has worn some serious jumpsuits in the past so this one would be a nice addition to her collection. The black dress on the other hand is out of this world, the long sleeves make it very moderate while the slit on the skirt adds a hint of allure and femininity, just like Charlene's style; some beige, some black...

Roksanda Ilincic
Black Roksanda dress
some more black.... (Love this tunic/dress from Roksanda)

Preen white embellished dress
Some White... (I would be gladly surprised to see Charlene wearing this embroidered dress on an engagement).

Matthew Williamson
Mathew Williamson blue skirt and sweater
With some doses of unexpected colors. This Mathew Williamson look delicately combines a lot of ethereal colors and shades. I'm so in love with the skirt and I think the whole ensemble with the sweater would look really interesting on Char.

What do you want to see Princess Charlene wearing?


Steal the Royal Style: Princess Beatrice's Christmas Boots

Didn't you just love the boots Princess Beatrice of York wore last Christmas?

Princess Beatrice Christmas 2014

Beatrice paired her RED Valentino coat with these killer heels from Jimmy Choo.

This pair is called DIAD and is made of suede and Nappa leather. It's described on the website as:
These boots are a triple threat with a powerful construction, architectural heel, and a stitch free upper. The heel is the stunning feature of the design. Set further back than our current heels, it is very straight and sleek, characterised by the cut out detailing on the breast of the heel. The upper and the heel have been designed in sync to completely compliment each other, resulting in a remarkable silhouette.

These gorgeous ankle boots are currently on sale for $598 instead of $1,195. Quite a steal, no?

You can buy them from HERE.

Princess Beatrice wearing Jimmy Choo ankle boots

So what do you think of these boots on Princess Bea?
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Fashion ID: Princess Charlene in Tibi

As we had a flashback yesterday for Princess Charlene's birthday, let's have another one today, this time to just a couple of years ago.

Princess Charlene wore this dress in July 2013 to attend the 150th anniversary of Monte-Carlo SBM.

Princess Charlene in Tibi dress.

As the title says the high-low sleeveless silk dress is from Tibi. This color-block style was actually quite popular that summer and was sold in different colors for around $675.

Tibi dress.

I honestly knew about this dress for so long but I was never excited to post about it as I wasn't a fan of how it looked on Charlene. the styling fell flat with the Stuart Wetizman wedges and tan Akris bag and the few pictures available made the Princess of Monaco look weirdly proportioned, but well, it's a new brand added to the wardrobe of Char anyway, no?

Princess Charlene in a Tibi color block dress.

What do you think of this dress?


Princess Charlene turns 37: A look back

So as Princess Charlene of Monaco turns 37 today, let us take at her as a toddler.

Baby Princess Charlene

These photos were published by the Daily Mail who interviewed members of the Princess's family (I'm not quoting/publishing/rereading/mentioning that interview).

Young Princess Charlene and her mother, Lynette.

The photos show Princess Charlene as a tiny toddler with her parents. The photo with her mother is my favorite, it shows that Char was all eyes and proves that she got her spectacular looks from her breathtakingly beautiful mother.

Princess Charlene with her parents.

So tune in tomorrow for a tiny fashion revelation from a couple of year back!

Happy birthday Princess Charlene!
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Prince Albert and Princess Charlene (in Akris) Present Their Twins to Monaco

 Earlier today, Monaco was all festive as Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco made a balcony appearance to present Prince Jacques, The Hereditary Prince of Monaco and his sister, Princess Gabriella.

Prince Albert holding Prince Jacques and Princess Charlene holding Princess Gabriella

Those who watched the live stream of the event might have noticed that Prince Albert was holding Prince Jacques and stepped into the balcony first while Princess Charlene, holding Princess Gabriella waited a mere second before joining him.

Princess Charlene kissing Princess Gabriella

The Prince and Princess stayed on the balcony for just a few minutes as it was quite cold for the newborn twins before getting back inside the palace.

The Grimaldis joined on the balcony in (almost) full force. Right now we have photos of Princess Caroline of Monaco who wore a beautiful leopard coat and a blue dress with what seems to be a new set of gold jewelry and Princess Stephanie who did NOT wear a scrunchie!
UPDATE: Princess Caroline's jewelry belongs to her mother, Princess Grace (PIC), thanks to Maridje.

Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie attending the presentation of the twins

Charlotte Casiraghi was also there. This time with her boyfriend, Gad ElMaleh. Andrea Casiraghi, Tatiana and Pauline Ducruet were not seen, though.

Charlotte Casiraghi and Gad ElMaleh at the Princely Palace

Spotted in attendance were Charlene's brother, Gareth Wittstock and his girlfriend, Roisin Galvin. I'll be updating this posts with more photos when they become available.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene at the Place Du Palais

After the balcony appearance, the Prince and Princess of Monaco went to the Place Du Palais to meet the gathering crowds. Albert and Charlene shook hands, hugged and even kissed many of the residents who gathered to celebrate the occasion. On the live stream you could hear people saying "Congratulations" to La Princess de Monaco and her replying "Thank you".

Talking fashion, Princess Charlene chose Akris for the happy occasion. Albert Kriemler designed "a snow-white cashmere double-face coat" and a jersey shift dress.

The Princess teamed her outfit with Akris off-white gloves and a pair of grey/tan boots.

I think the boots are the "CHICBOOT" from Stuart Weitzman but I'm waiting for better photos to have them officially IDed

Charlene von Monaco completed her look with her pearl stud earrings and a simple makeup.

Princess Charlene fringe

And in case you haven't noticed, The Princess debuted a new hairdo today, I love the fringe!

After leaving the Place Du Palais to the Palace, The Princely Couple returned to the balcony to greet the crowds one more time.
I thought Char looked really elegant and extremely happy today if quite tired which is very understandable given that she had a C-section less than a month ago.

One last note, @JerushaRaath on Twitter spotted the protea among the flowers used today, a nod to Princess Charlene's home country, South Africa. Sweet, no?

Are you as excited as I am for the baptism on the twins?


Palace Releases First Photos of the Twins!

An early Christmas present from the Princely Palace in Monaco!

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene with their twins

The photos show Princess Charlene and Prince Albert hugging Princess Gabriella (in pink) and Prince Jacques (in blue).

The photos were taken yesterday at the Princess Grace Hospital Centre in Monaco where Princess Charlene has given birth to the twins.

Princess Charlene holding Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella

Taken by the palace's photographer Frederic Nebinger, the photos are Christmas-themed and show Al and Char very happy and content with the tiny little prince and princess!

The Princely Family of Monaco!

Princess Charlene of Monaco is expected to leave the hospital on time for Christmas, so most probably today or tomorrow. In a recent phone interview, she said she was crazy in love with her newly-born children!

Princess Gabriella of Monaco looking so cute on the arms on her mother!

Just a small fashion note, Princess Charlene wore a cream ruffled blouse with a pair of dark blue jeans and her go-to pearl stud earrings, I'm working on finding an ID for the blouse! Wishing the Prince and Princess of Monaco all the best with their newly-born Prince and Princess!

Merry Christmas everyone!