Princess Charlene's Fashion

Worn in Week : Princess Charlene 3 Dec : 9 Dec

during the week that has started on 3-12 and ended on 9-12 Princess Charlene wore these outfits :

1 . 5-12 the Opening of the Christmas village in Monaco wearing an Akris coat (1A) and a Louis Vuitton clutch (1B) love it , but don't like the clutch so much !
2. 6 - 12 arriving in the hotel arriving in the hotel in South Africa , grey ! it's been a while since we've seen Charlene wearing grey , and the Pashmina keeps it away from being boring !
3. 7 - 12 attending the climate Action Networking Reception   wearing an Akris dress she wore before to the Grand Prix , I dont like it alot ,but the amazing shoes make it better !
4A . 8-12 attending the Polaris Project Presentation at the Clock Tower wearing the same Akris coat she's wearing in 1 ,  I love it , then she took it off (B) to meet the acrishop TUTU .
5. visiting her first swimming pool  , well ! it's just a visit to a swimming pool !
long week but with almost no colors !

Worn in Week : Princess Charlene 26Nov : 2 Dec

Last week Princess Charlene wore these outfits :

Click for a bigger view ;)

1: on 29-11 visiting Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (sorry i know the pic is too small but that's the only available pic) anyway as everything is beige then it's ok to have a small pic ! who cares for a whole beige ensemble ! it's a typical Charlene for sure !

2 :   30-11 attending  the Humanitary Associations Night , well it's black ! but on the other hand it's a new silhouette for Charlene to wear , would like to see that jacket/coat thing again on top of a red and a grey dresses ! plus the makeup (B) is amazing ! and (C) the clutch

3 : 1-12 at the world Aids day in Monaco , ok ! a simple LBD with a weird neckline to show some shoulders (she doesnt like hiding them ) but it's still regal and princessy , it's OK and the make up is OK , but the outfit . the makeup and the hairstyle of the day before are much better ! but apart from clothes that day was amazing , there are 2 amazing pics taken from that day : this one it's like Charlene is sayin : "so i was smiling! then why did they say that i was sad!" , and this one : it says the famous song "WE ARE FAMILY" ! oh yeah i love these pics :D

it's kinda a boring week though !

The Royal Gown awards : randoms

So ! two royals amazed me with night gowns , let's start with :
Princess Maxima on 21 November , in the premiere of Nova Zembla movie wearing a Larph Lauren simple black gown ,

click for a bigger view ;)
what made her look amazing are : 1. accessories , that's the second time she wears that diamond ornament but last time it was in her hair ! also earring are beautiful , elegant , big but still not too much ! also her hair was amazing ! yeah Maxima went to a coiffure finally and got a nice hair-do !

the other royal is : Sarah Ferguson ! yeah ! Sarah has been looking radiant these days (with the exception of that time ) but here for example :
click for a bigger view ;)
that's divine , and yeah i know she wore it before and she looked silly in it specially in that famous pic and this is exactly why i think it's beautiful this time , she lost weight , she chose better accessories and a better hair style ! now i'm in love with this , i like it even more that i liked crown princess Mary when she wore the same gown before ! Sarah that's a good piece to recycle !
and also these 2 looks :

yeah ! i think i'm gonna become a Fergie's fan , although i really do hate her taste in shoes !

what about you ?? who wore the best gown in these few weeks ?

Worn in Week : Princess Charlene 11Nov : 18Nov

In the week that started in November the 11th and ended in November the 18th (actually these are 10 days) Princess Charlene wore these outfits :
Click to view in full resolution ;)
1  : 11-11 (A) and (B) visiting schools in monaco , now that dress is too short , not ? you're not a 5 year old student to wear that , princess ! imagine what could happen if some photographers took a pic of you while you were getting of the car , that would be a scandal and i think you and your husband have enough scandals !!

2  : 13-11 attending the 100th anniversary of the Saint Martin church in Monaco , wearing a brown dress with a black tail coat that she wore before several times 9A) , I like the coat also the dress is nice , the combination is ummm , not so sure about it , but ok , I'll approve of it specially because i think she wore that coat to hide something ;) aren't you Char ?? , and (B) the hair and makeup , I find them really nice !

3  : 17-11 presenting packages for the elderly within the principality of Monaco , I'm not a fan of this suit , but she's pulling it off !

Update : it's Akris (what else could it be !) :

source : my royals blog

4  : 17-11 in the presentation of the L’Ordre de Saint-Charles et Grimaldi , why are you hiding behind Albert , Charlene ? ;)  but I think she looks good here .

speaking about looking good :

Now that's a good looking family , also the smiles :)


As tomorrow is La Fete Nationale De Monaco (Monaco's National feast)  I'm putting huge hopes on Charlene :
1. Armani or Chanel , or maybe Valentino , I'm hoping for some colors , maybe rose , purple , or even red , as red represents the Flag of Monaco along with white !! and i dont want to see any strapless thing at all ! and I also dont want to see any sign of black , Monaco is no longer mourning !
2. JEWELS , i wanna see a Tiara , maybe the diamond foam tiara on her hair with the Infinite Cascade on her neck !
What are you hoping/expecting ?

Worn in Week : The Duchess of Cambridge from 5Nov: 12Nov

in the week that has started in November the 5th and ended in Nov the 12th The duchess of Cambridge wore these :

click on the pic for a bigger view ;)
1A : 10-11 a charity event in Saint James Palace , wearing Jenny packham Dress (B) which Angelina Jolie had worn before in The Tree OF Life movie premiere earlier (D) , Kate sported a new half-up half-down hairdo which i really like but not with that dress , it's just too busy with her hair on her shoulders , she should have wore it up , she also sported  new earring , silver earrings with no diamonds , it's just fake pieces of glass ! she also wore her long term shoes my Jimmy Choo and her diamond bracelet , overall i like it , it's classy yet very youthful , i find it really playful , i also like tht she wore it in silver-grey color not that orange-red !

2 : 11-11 at a meeting for the Princes Charities Forum which is held every 2 years (A) , wearing a Zara blazer which I'm sure we;re gonna see again , why ? see that zip ? it has two settings a longer one which kate wore , and a shorter one which i think we'll see , useful piece , right ?

In my opinion this week was ok ! just one and a half outfits (we havent seen the whole second outfit so it;s just a half for me :D )

Worn in Week : Princess Charlene 29oct : 4nov

in the week that started in October 29th and ended in November the 4th Princess Charlene of Monaco wore those outfit :

(1a) : 1-11 Attending The Grace Kelly Awards held in New York wearing Christian Dior gown (1c) on runway , which was worn before by actress Marion Cotillard wore earlier (1d) to a movie premiere in New York too , and (1b) the makeup and the Montblanc Seven Stars Kate earrings , i love the beading on the bodice but I hate the checked part on the skirt , but generally I like it , classy and chic , hides her shoulders and fits her figure perfectly , I also love the earrings , I wonder if she bought every earring Montblanc has !

(2) 1-11 attending a Brunch in New York wearing an outfit she wore last April in Ireland's state visit , I liked it , last time more , the tights and the coat made it look much better !

(3a) 2-11 attending the Grace Kelly: From Movie Star to Princess Exhibit in Toronto , Canada wearing another Christian Dior (3b) on model , she paired it with black pumps and a red clutch which she was holding with flower infront of her belly most of the time ,, ok I'm unsure about this one , I love the ruffled cuffs but i dont like how it fits Charlene very much , but since rumors about good news are spreading everywhere , I think I'll wait a while , if there's good news then I'm gonna love it , if not then I'll still be unsure !

ok that's the LBD and Dior week for Charlene , but I kinda love this week although it's so blacky

now when I saw this picture I had a very weird thought

Doesn't Albert here look like he's Julie's son ?? just thinking !

فى اسبوع :من 29 اكتوبر ل4 نوفمبر : الاميرة شارلين

فى الاسبوع اللى بدأ يوم 28 اكتوبر و خلص 4 نوفمبر
شارلين اميرة موناكو لبست دول

enlarge the picture for details !

(1) : (a) يوم 1-11 فى حفل توزيع جوائز (The Princess Grace Awards) فى لوس انجلوس , فستان من مجموعة الخريف من كريستيان ديور (1c) فى الران واى , لبسته ماريون كوتيلارد من فترة فى العرض بتاع احد الافلام فى لوس انجلوس (1d) , و (ab) صورة اقرب للميك أب و الحلق , الحلق من مونت بلانك montblanc , اسمه (Montblanc Seven Stars Kate earrings) , و الكلاتش برضو من ديور. الفستان حلو اوى من النص اللى فوق و التطريز اللى عليه روعة, لكن النص اللى تحت الخطوط دى عاملة زى الشخابيط و موحشاه جدا , لكن بطريقة ما لايق جدا على شارلين و شكله حلو عليها , بس افتكر انها كان ممكن تلبس حاجة من كده برضو , بس برضو حلو اوى .
(2) : يوم 1-11 فى (brunch reception) ,مش عارف لفظ عربى لبرانش بس هى عموما وجبة بتبقى بين الفطار و الغذاء طقم متعاد من زيارة ايرلندا ابريل اللى فات , المرة اللى فات عاجبنى اكتر .
(3) : (a)ف ى افتتاح معرض (Grace Kelly: From Movie Star to Princess) , فى تورنتو كندا , فستان من كريستيان ديور برضو (b) على الموديل , و معاه كلاتش حمرا الحركة اللى معظم الناس بيعملوها اليومين دول , ممم احبه , اكرهه ؟ مش عارف اقرر بس فى حاجة . شارلين بقلظت شويتين و فى صور كتير فى حفلة توزيع الجوايز كانت بتستخبى ورا البرت , و فى معرض جريس كيلى على طول ماسكة الكلاتش و الورد قدام بطنها , ها يا شارلين ؟ استنى خبر سعيد ولا ايه ؟ لو فعلا يبقى هحب الفستان لو مش فعلا هيبقى هفضل محتار احبه ولا محبوش !

تقييم الاسبوع : اسبوع عادى الا ان شارلين لبست كريستيان ديور , ده محصلش غير مرة واحدة من ساعة الجواز , لو هطلق اسم على الاسبوع ده هسميه اسبوع ال(LBD) !

فى اسبوع :من 29 اكتوبرل4 نوفمبر: دوقة كامبريدج

فى خلال الاسبوع اللى فات اللى بدأ يوم 29 و خلص يوم 4 كيت لبست ده
فى كوبنهاجن مع الامير وليام فى زيارة لليونيسيف مع ولى عهد الدنمارك الامير فريدريك و زوجته الاميرة مارى
البالطو من ( L.K. Bennett) استايل سبعيناتى باللون الاحمر الغامق اللى كيت اما مبتلبسش الوات ميتة بتلبسه . ده اللون العايش بتاعها :))

الحزام من ماركة كيت المفضلة (reiss)

مش عاجبنى خالص مالص , اوكى ماشى اللون حلو ولايق عليها , بس مش عاجبنى البوت و مش عاجبنى الحزام مخلى شكلها مرعب ,,, خصوصا فى الصورة دى

كتفين من غير وسط !! كيت لازم تتخن شوية الدايت اللى عملاه ده فى رأيى مخلى شكلها رفيع جدا
فى حين ان الاميرة مارى ارفع منها و حامل بس شكلها طبيعى اكتر , فى ناس بيليق عليها و ناس لأ .
ببس اعتقد انى هنا هدى العلامة لكيت مش لمارى , لأنه على كل عيوبة احلى من بتاع مارى اللى حسيته مش ماشى اوى على بعضه و على الجو . بس فى حاجة دى التيبيكال مارى , لو كانت مارى راخت لوحدها كانت هتلبس كده برضو , و لو كانت لبست اى حاجة غير ده كنت هقول عليها بتحاول تثبت انها بتلبس احسن من كيت (هى فى رأيى بالفعل الى حد ما استايلها محبب الى نفسى اكتر من كيت) .

بس لو جيت اختار الثنائى الكسبان فى اليوم ده مش عارف يبقى مين بصراحة , رغم انه فى رأيى كيت تغلبت على مارى الا ان فريدريك تغلب على ويليام بطريقة مش معقولة و جاب هدف ب15 نقطة ,,,,
انا هختار الثنائى الدنماركى لأن طقم فريدريك احلى بكتير و اكتر حيوية من طقم ويليام اللى بيلبس الجاكت نفس لون البنطلون و كرافتته دايما سادة ! فريدريك انقذ فريقك يا مارى :))
بس عموما بما ان هدف التجمع كان نبيل فالاتنين كسبانين :)