Princess Charlene's Fashion

Worn in Week : Princess Charlene 29oct : 4nov

in the week that started in October 29th and ended in November the 4th Princess Charlene of Monaco wore those outfit :

(1a) : 1-11 Attending The Grace Kelly Awards held in New York wearing Christian Dior gown (1c) on runway , which was worn before by actress Marion Cotillard wore earlier (1d) to a movie premiere in New York too , and (1b) the makeup and the Montblanc Seven Stars Kate earrings , i love the beading on the bodice but I hate the checked part on the skirt , but generally I like it , classy and chic , hides her shoulders and fits her figure perfectly , I also love the earrings , I wonder if she bought every earring Montblanc has !

(2) 1-11 attending a Brunch in New York wearing an outfit she wore last April in Ireland's state visit , I liked it , last time more , the tights and the coat made it look much better !

(3a) 2-11 attending the Grace Kelly: From Movie Star to Princess Exhibit in Toronto , Canada wearing another Christian Dior (3b) on model , she paired it with black pumps and a red clutch which she was holding with flower infront of her belly most of the time ,, ok I'm unsure about this one , I love the ruffled cuffs but i dont like how it fits Charlene very much , but since rumors about good news are spreading everywhere , I think I'll wait a while , if there's good news then I'm gonna love it , if not then I'll still be unsure !

ok that's the LBD and Dior week for Charlene , but I kinda love this week although it's so blacky

now when I saw this picture I had a very weird thought

Doesn't Albert here look like he's Julie's son ?? just thinking !

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  1. 2) Looks good on inverted triangle shaped. I would have added a wide black belt.