Princess Charlene's Fashion

Worn in Week : Princess Charlene of Monaco

well , it;s not actually a week , it's the latest appearances in the last 2 weeks or something !

Click for a bigger view ;)

1. (A) March 9th , Visiting the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, she also met her old friends there and did some interviews , wearing (B) Akris S/S 2012 , pale and boring , but the way the jacket fits her body is beautiful , and minimizes her shoulders !

2. Attending a private at Melbourne Town Hall , I guess this is Akris too ! it's chic and romantic i like it , fits her well , still boring !

3. March 10th , Opening grace Kelly: Style Icon, at the Bendigo Art Gallery , wearing a costum Johanna Johnson , which is a nice gesture since she's an Australian designer , and it's pink !!  but padded shoulders for a swimmer ! seriously ? !!  However that was an amazing day , which for sure increased Charlene's popularity , the princess who was wearing Jimmy Choo Heels (B) was high-fiving with children , smiling !!! and she gave her first speech !! thumbs up Char ,,, i'll forget about that hair ,,,, at least you were trying !!

4.  March 12th , in Shanghai, China visiting the Pundong Special Education School as an Ambassador for the Special Olympics , wearing that sleeveless blanket cape ! and a LV scarf ! she looks good , happy , but tired , nice makeup (B)

5. March 20th , attending the opening of a new daycare in Monaco , I hate the jacket , I hate the jacket , I hate the jacket , and I like the shoes (it's nice to see flats once in a while) , but Seriously Char , if you're wearing these tents now and you so fit , what will you do when you're pregnant !!!?!!! 

the Bal De La Rose is in 4 days ! and I won't speculate anything since I got all my wished destroyed last time in The Oscars , thanks Char !


  1. I agree.
    1A) Is boring yet suits her inverted triangle shape very well. If youthink about it it actually creates a little inverted triangle starting form the waist and a smaller triangles also starting from the waist. Also, monochrome colours are great for inverted shapes.
    3b) Yes, the hsoulder pads look bad. I would have removed them. Also I would wear a wider belt, a bit higher up. Regarding the shiny silver during daylight event...this is more a cocktail kinda dress...

  2. 3a) The shape of skirt is perfect for her shape too. It makes her less tallish.