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The Royal Thumbs Up: :Prince Guillaume and Countess Stephanie Gala guests

Today, Prince Guillaume, The hereditary grand Duke of Luxembourg made Countess Stephanie de Lannoy his wife and The Princess of Luxembourg. And tomorrow he'll make her the hereditary Grand-Duchess.

Most of our favorite royals attended the gala dinner in all their gowns and tiaras glory. And for this we have some thumbs up, and since most ladies were dazzling today and I really loved the procession of the civil ceremony I won't be doing thumbs down.

Best in red

Princess Mette-Marit in Emilio Pucci

Now this is how you rock red, The gown is amazing, it's exotic, has texture, quite edgy, but it's still so elegant and train flowing texture in the skirt gives it the grandness needed for such a royal affair. And although I was wishing for another tiara, since we usually see Mette-Marit wearing this Diamond Daisy tiara, I think the Amethyst Tiara would have been too much red!

And speaking of too much red...

Best in too much

Princess Maxima of The Netherlands in Jan Taminiau

 Maxima chose to be dressed by Jan Taminiau (as usual for royal weddings night events) but instead of the opting for something simple like the Jan Taminiau she wore to Prince Albert and Charlene wedding last year, she decided to go for a statement. And as if the gown itself isn't a statement, she decided to add a huge, fluffy shawl/shrug (both from his fall 2012 couture collection) and as if the gown and shrug do not make much of a statement she wore the entire Mellerio Ruby Parure. what Maxima did is actually that she caught the attention and stole the limelight from the bride, quite sad, but you can't really blame Maxima for being Maxima, can you?

Rest in red
Left to right: Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein, Princess Sarvath, Marie Astrid of Ausria(Above) ,  Princess Margarita of Romania(in burgundy down), Countess Diane de Nassau, and Queen Anne-Marie (in purple)
Princess Maragretha is wearing Elie Saab and the Aquamarine Tiara and earrings (belong to her sister in law Maria-Teresa), Princess Sarvath wearing a sari and her usual tiara, Marie-Astrid wearing her mother's (Princess Josephine-Charlotte) Van Cleef and Arpels tiara, Princess Margarita in her usual greek key tiara, and Queen Anne-Marie in the Khedive of Egypt Tiara.

Only in Chanel

Princess Caroline of Hanover

Caroline wore a modified Fall 2011 Chanel Couture gown and bolero, accessorized them with Christian Loubotin and 2 tiaras! The Cartier Pearl Drop Tiara, and The Fringe Tiara (worn as necklace) both belonged to her grandmother. Good move to show that that these pieces are still hers.

All in Blue
Princess Mathilde, Queen Sonja, Queen Paola and Princess Sibilla
Mathilde wore a royal blue gown which appears to be by NATAN and her Wreath Tiara. Queen Paola wore a Princess-like gown, which is weird because she's a queen already, she paired it with the fill version of Queen Maud's Pearl Tiara. While Queen Paola wore a (NATAN?) gown with Queen Elisabeth's Diamond Bandeau Tiara. And Sibilla wore a dark blue gown that resembles some Chanel creations, and paired it with the tiara worn by her mother on her wedding day.

All in grey/silver
Clotilde Courau, Princess Matha-Louise, Princess Miriam, Queen Silvia
Clotilde Courau wore Elie Saab Fall 2012 couture and as usual tiara-less. Meanwhile, Princess Martha-Louise broke a million mirrors to create her dazzling gown which she paired with her 18th birthday tiara. Princess Miriam opted for a silver gown with some really lousy gloves and over-sized clutch. Queen Silvia chose to repeat a gown, she wore the Nine Prong Tiara.

All in neutral
Princess Marie-Chantal, Princess Victoria, Princess Katherina of Yugoslavia
Elie Saab Again with Princess Marie-Chantal, And also an Elie Saab gown repeated by Princess Victoria, she wore in 2010 before, while Princess Katherina kept it simple in powder pink.

All in green/turquoise

Princess Claire, Princes Astrid, Countess Luisa de Lannoy, Queen Margarita
Princess Claire rocked a green gown, probably by NATAN (since it looks quite undone) with her antique pearl tiara, Princess Astrid in Elie Saab. Countess Luisa (sister in law of the bride) in some lovely gown while Queen Margarita was in the wrong place!

Stay tuned for a post about the bride and her mother in law, and their fashion choices for the day and exclusive information!

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Photos:, zimbio, gettyimages

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