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The Royal Event: Princess Charlene Attends Giorgio Armani Fashion Show

Last Monday, Princess Charlene attended the Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 fashion show as a part of Milan Fashion Week.

This came as a surprise for many as the Princess of Monaco hasn't been seen wearing Armani since her wedding in 2011, and rumors were all over the place that Charlene was no longer satisfied with what Armani has to offer and they were no longer friends. Were there really problems or was Char just having a time off Armani to try new things? I guess we'll never know. But what we know is that Princess Charlene was joined by Princess tatiana of Greece.

Princess Tatiana attending Armani fashion show

Charlene von Monaco arrived wearing black pants, white top and powder pink blazer, all by Giorgio Armani -naturally- .

Giorgio Armani bellrina flats
La princesse Charlène accessorized her outfit with black Wrapped-Buckle Suede Ballerina Flat from Armani, these shoes were available on Bergdorf Goodman for $595, then for $267 but now they're sold out. 

They were described as:
 Finely crafted and detailed with a jewelry-like ornament, this Giorgio Armani ballerina flat will stand the tests of time.
  • Suede upper.
  • Squared toe detailed with wrapped golden buckle detail.
  • Leather lining, padded insole, and oustole.
  • 5/8" covered, flat block heel.
  • Made in Italy.

 Charlène de Monaco carried a blue (looks black in some photos) handbag from the Spring 2013 collection, you can get the bag in the same color for 1115 € at BrunaRusso or in black from Giorgio Armani website for EUR 1410.

It's described briefly as:
Printed leather, Solid color, Zip closure, Lined interior, External pocket, Studs, Ties.
Giorgio Armani top handle bag

 Armani showed 84 looks which you can see HERE, this brilliant collection is quite dark and goes from casual and laidback to formal and understatedly glamorous. I also think that with Charlene-Armani duo come back, Albert Kriemler will have to step up his game in order to keep Akris Charlene's favorite.

These were my favorite looks from the collection, I would love to see Charlene wearing them.

Day time looks from Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 collection

I know it's kinda blergh, meh, not-black-again looks, but won't they all look great on Char? Maybe these pants need some tailoring, but that cape/shawl thing would be perfection and so would be that gray jacket.

Favorite looks from the fall 2013 collection of Giorgio Armani
 I adore this cocktail dress on the left. and since Charlene wears lots of pants, even for evening affairs, I think the two looks in the middle would be a nice take on her usual pantsuits, the black gown on right would be great as it long as it has that cute bow!

What do you think about Charlene's look? And what do you want to see her wearing?

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The Royal Tidbits: King Farouk Jewelry Collection

As we have discussed last week, King Farouk was a collector of everything rare and fabulous. Today we'll have a look at some pieces of his majesty's jewellery collection:

The Farouk’s Piaguet & Capt watch:

This watch is known as “the King Farouk Shepherdess Automaton” and dates to circa 1805- 1810 and is thought to have been made for the Chinese market, it’s made of three-colour gold and pearls with  the background printed with enamel. What makes this timepiece exceptional is that it boasts seven movements; the shepherdess moves her hand up and down, the animals raise and lower their heads and the water wheel moves with the water represented by glass rods.

The watch was sold in 2009 in an auction in Geneva for 690 thousand dollars, believed to have been sold in the famous 1957 auction in Cairo, this rare watch was most probably a bargain for a few pounds back then.

Jar's Paris Emerald:


While it's known for some people that the ring itself belonged to King Farouk, the truth is that it never was, actually the ring was made years after Farouk went to exile. However, the emerald was Farouk's property, it's a cabochon Colombian emerald weighing 27 carats, it's thought that it was purchased by Farouk of Egypt in the 1940's, after the revolution, this gem found a new owner, Lúcia Moreira Salles, a Chanel and Valentino model and also a socialist as she was the third wife of Brazilian banker and politician Walter Moreira Salles. Lucia purchased the emerald by Pat Saling, a New York based jeweler and jewelry dealer.

Lucia had Jar Paris mounting the huge emerald for her as a ring, Jar's set the emerald in platinum and surrounded it with diamonds, the ring is signed JAR and LMS ( Lucia's name).

Lúcia Moreira Salles rings

Lucia died in 2009, and in the same year her jewelry collection was sold by Sotheby's in New York, this ring was sold for $542,000. Lucia Moreira Salles had two other rings in the same style and by Jar's Paris too, one in diamond and was sold for $ 722,500 and another one with a ruby which was sold for $ 410,500.

The Van Cleef and Arpels Ruby Feuilles Earrings:
Van Cleef & Arpels © Patrick Gries

This pair of earrings was made in 1950 by Van Cleef and Arpels for King Farouk. The earrings are made of baguette diamonds, and rubies mounted in gold and platinum, later the earrings were purchased by Van Cleef and Arpels either in one of the auctions or by a dealer. Anyway, it’s now in Van Cleef and Arpels private collection. I personally think these earrings were purchased to be a gift for Queen Narriman since pieces that are made by order like this one aren't exactly collectibles but they're precious, nevertheless.

Egyptian Revival Bracelet:

We talked about it HERE before , King Farouk purchased this 1925 bracelet from Harry Winston the jeweler in the late 40’s, Winston was wise enough to send his boys to the auctions in Egypt to get the jewels. The bracelet is composed of rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds mounted in platinum. In the 60’s Richard Burton purchased the bracelet from Winston as a gift for  Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Cleopatra, Elizabeth wore this bracelet few times, most memorably in 1987 in Cannes Film Festival, she paired the amazing bracelet with a red Nolan Miller gown as she was accompanied by George Hamilton, Last year the bracelet was sold in her jewelry auction for over 800 thousand dollars.

Which is your favorite piece of these?

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The Royal Info: Today's Aquarius royals

Over the past few weeks there were many royal birthdays. Below, you'll see who from your favorite royals have made it to both life and Aquarius zodiac in the period from 20 January – 18 February:

January 21st:
Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

Princess Ingrid Alexandra between her grandfather, King Harald (left), and father, Prince Hakoon (right)

Princess Ingrid Alexandra was born in 2004. On January 21st, the princess who's the second in line to the throne celebrated her 9th birthday, the picture above is the latest one of her.

January 23rd:
Princess Caroline of Norway

Princess Caroline wearing Princess Grace's earrings

Last month, Princess Caroline of Hannover celebrated her 56th birthday. As usual we have no idea how or where she celebrated. The photo above is of her last March at the Rose Ball, she's wearing Princess Grace's earrings.

 January 25th:
 Princess Charlene

Charlene Wittstock 2011

 Princess Charlene celebrated her birthday two days after Princess Caroline. we didn't get to see any photos of her birthday (if she had one), but we had our own party, remember?

 January 30th:
King Abdullah II of Jordan

King Abdullah in the Parliament

King Abdullah II of Jordan turned 51 on January 30th, the Aquarius king is married to Queen Rania and has four children . The photo above is of him opening the parliament last Monday (Feb 10th).

January 30th (Yes again):
Prince Felipe of Asturias

Prince Felipe is the crown prince of Spain, he was born in 1968 and celebrated his birthday with Princess Letizia. Here's a pic taken from the day. He wore a checkered scarf while Leti wore a whole black ensemble, she and Charlene apparently have unexplainable love for blergh and black.

January 31st:
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Queen Beatrix 85th birthday photo

Queen Beatrix celebrated her last birthday as Queen last January too, as you may have known the queen announced her abdication plans three days before her birthday, after she abdicates in April she'll be styles as Princess Beatrix and the throne will go to her son, Prince Willem-Alexander, he's a Taurus.

February, 1st:
Princess Stephanie of Monaco

48 years ago, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco welcomed their last daughter, who, like her sister is an Aquarius. Princess Stephanie attended the 'Show Beach Soccer, Celebrities' Tournament' in Monaco 8 days after her birthday.

February 5th:
Princess Mary of Denmark

Princes Mary was born in 1972 in Australia. A day before she turned 41, the Crown Princess of Denmark attended the Cancer Society’s Honorary Award in Copenhagen, I don't like this outfit, at all, although I liked it in the beginning but looking at it now, the fabric looks too bad and the shape is dowdy, weird and, well I think that's enough!

February, 6th:
Princess Marie

Born a day and 4 years after Princess Mary, Princess Marie was born in France. The above photo is of the Princess on her birthday in what seems to be a nightclub, I don't like this outfit, I don't know why, I just don't!

February, 10th:
King Farouk

King Farouk was born 93 years ago, we talked about his coins collection HERE, and every week will have a post about one of his collections until his anniversary.

Happy birthday to all our Aquarius royals, I'm a proud Aquarius.

What's your zodiac sign? and which royals share the same one with you?

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The Royal Tidbits: King Farouk The Collector

93 years ago today (Feb 11th) King Farouk of Egypt was born.

Queen Nazli and King Farouk

Farouk, who ascended the throne when he was just 17 year-old wasn't just a sovereign, he was a collector of jewelry, stamps, currencies, antiques and everything rare and beautiful.

Although most of his collection is now lost thanks to the post-revolution auctions, some pieces that surfaced in the recent year gives us a clue on how this collection was like!

So let us celebrates King Farouk's 93rd birthday by highlighting some of the glorious pieces of his collection of coins today and every Monday will have a different collection!


1933 Saint-Gaudens Double-Eagle
King Farouk owned the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle coin, all the other coins of this are understood to have been destroyed, King Farouk purchased this coin in 1944 and had to apply for a license to import it to Egypt, what Farouk didn't know (or maybe he did) is that the coin was stolen from the mint, and although the American government granted the license before discovering the theft, they requested the return of the coin, King Farouk didn't return it, after the revolution the coin disappeared, was it sold in an auction or was it stolen? no one knows, but in 1996 the coin was found in London, was returned back to the US in 2001, and in 2002 it was auctioned for over 7.5 million dollars, the sale took only 9 minutes. Quite a big amount of money, and a big loss for Egypt!

Olsen Liberty Head Nickel 

There are only five coins of Olsen Liberty Head Nickel and they were minted in 1913, Farouk of Egypt purchased one of them and most likely it was sold in the Sotheby's sale in Cairo in 1954. The coin reappeared again in 2010 in Hawaii in an auction. The coin was sold for 3.7 million dollars.

Knowing that King Farouk had 8500 rare coins in his collection, I can't help but wonder how much this collection would be worth today!

P.S: King Farouk's anniversary is next month, till then every Monday we'll talk about one of magnificent collections!