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The Royal Info: Today's Aquarius royals

Over the past few weeks there were many royal birthdays. Below, you'll see who from your favorite royals have made it to both life and Aquarius zodiac in the period from 20 January – 18 February:

January 21st:
Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

Princess Ingrid Alexandra between her grandfather, King Harald (left), and father, Prince Hakoon (right)

Princess Ingrid Alexandra was born in 2004. On January 21st, the princess who's the second in line to the throne celebrated her 9th birthday, the picture above is the latest one of her.

January 23rd:
Princess Caroline of Norway

Princess Caroline wearing Princess Grace's earrings

Last month, Princess Caroline of Hannover celebrated her 56th birthday. As usual we have no idea how or where she celebrated. The photo above is of her last March at the Rose Ball, she's wearing Princess Grace's earrings.

 January 25th:
 Princess Charlene

Charlene Wittstock 2011

 Princess Charlene celebrated her birthday two days after Princess Caroline. we didn't get to see any photos of her birthday (if she had one), but we had our own party, remember?

 January 30th:
King Abdullah II of Jordan

King Abdullah in the Parliament

King Abdullah II of Jordan turned 51 on January 30th, the Aquarius king is married to Queen Rania and has four children . The photo above is of him opening the parliament last Monday (Feb 10th).

January 30th (Yes again):
Prince Felipe of Asturias

Prince Felipe is the crown prince of Spain, he was born in 1968 and celebrated his birthday with Princess Letizia. Here's a pic taken from the day. He wore a checkered scarf while Leti wore a whole black ensemble, she and Charlene apparently have unexplainable love for blergh and black.

January 31st:
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Queen Beatrix 85th birthday photo

Queen Beatrix celebrated her last birthday as Queen last January too, as you may have known the queen announced her abdication plans three days before her birthday, after she abdicates in April she'll be styles as Princess Beatrix and the throne will go to her son, Prince Willem-Alexander, he's a Taurus.

February, 1st:
Princess Stephanie of Monaco

48 years ago, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco welcomed their last daughter, who, like her sister is an Aquarius. Princess Stephanie attended the 'Show Beach Soccer, Celebrities' Tournament' in Monaco 8 days after her birthday.

February 5th:
Princess Mary of Denmark

Princes Mary was born in 1972 in Australia. A day before she turned 41, the Crown Princess of Denmark attended the Cancer Society’s Honorary Award in Copenhagen, I don't like this outfit, at all, although I liked it in the beginning but looking at it now, the fabric looks too bad and the shape is dowdy, weird and, well I think that's enough!

February, 6th:
Princess Marie

Born a day and 4 years after Princess Mary, Princess Marie was born in France. The above photo is of the Princess on her birthday in what seems to be a nightclub, I don't like this outfit, I don't know why, I just don't!

February, 10th:
King Farouk

King Farouk was born 93 years ago, we talked about his coins collection HERE, and every week will have a post about one of his collections until his anniversary.

Happy birthday to all our Aquarius royals, I'm a proud Aquarius.

What's your zodiac sign? and which royals share the same one with you?

Photos: MyRoyals, PurePeople, Google, Getty

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