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Worn in Week: Charlene and Blacks, Charlene and Repeats

Last week, Princess Charlene of Monaco had many engagements and appearances, sadly she was dressed in black repeated clothes for most of them, but here's a catch up anyway:

On March 26th, Charlene and Albert attended a charity concert organized by the Kiwanis Club of Monaco to benefit the Princess Charlene Foundation, the concert collected 22 thousand dollars (or euros, I don't remember) which Char received during the concert!

Charlene wore the black dress she first wore to the Circus in January, Along with a black coat which I don't seem to remember, she finished her look with pearl earrings.

I have to say that I find her really gorgeous with that makeup, the earrings lighten her face as well.

On March 28th, Charlene von Monaco went to Nice to visit the autistic young patients at Lenval Hospital.

Charlene de Monaco wore a black pantsuit, it's thought to be by Armani but nothing was confirmed, my rule with identifying Charlene's clothes is when in doubt; say it's Akris.

My other rule is: When there's a belly on show, say NO!

Then on March 30th, Charlene and Albert attended the Presentation of Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation to CREM (Club Foreign Residents in Monaco) members.

Charlene wore the same black dress and the coat I adore, although this dress was worn for many times so far, that was the first time we got to see how it really looks, the result; I understand why she wears it back and forth!

Prince Albert II and H.S.H. Princess Charlene attend the Monte-Carlo Million Dollar Super Four boxing event in Monaco on March 30th.

Char wore the Akris dress she wore for the Grand Prix gala last year, on top of it she wore the black coat from the circus (thought to be Versace too) and a black clutch. Accessories did not exceed a pair of diamond stud earrings, as usual.

March 31st was the day on which Prince Albert took Princess Charlene to attend a show by the Combodian Royal ballet with princess Norodom Buppha Devi.

 There aren't many pics of the event around, but elenaserg on Instagram was kind enough to share a couple of photos with us.

Above is a caption from a video about the event which you can watch HERE.
Charlene wore the same dress she wore back in 2011 for a charity auction, the dress was unidentified back then, and it is still now, Charlene wore dangling earrings, and with her smoky eyes makeup, she looks more feminine than ever!

Charlene ended her set of engagement with receiving receiving Mr Ban Ki-moon and his wife at the Princely Palace.

Charlene repeated a beige Akris dress with a peplum detail, this dress was costum made for her to receive her Order of Saint Charles last November.

While the dress screamed for some bling Charlene decided to wear just as little as pearl earrings, she had a soft makeup and a kind of new hair style.

Which was you favorite appearance for that boring week?

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  1. "when in doubt, say it's Akris". - So true!!
    The top of dress for the ballet, with it slightly rolloable feature, reminds me of the blue outfit she wore to Germany with the rollable outer layer. So my guess for the ballet is Akris.
    I loved the black dress that she wore for the CREM event. I can't stand peplum on anyone. My mother such dresses in the 70s. Charlene doesn't photograph well. She looks uncomfortable in photos, but in videos, she is seem very confident.

    1. I like her hair short. But I do not like the way she has styled her hair lately. She looks better when her hair frames her face and not away from it.