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Worn in Week: Princess Charlene in Palace and Agadir!

Slow couple of weeks from Princess Charlene. However, we've had two appearances and two interesting pieces of news!

On the 2nd of April Princess Charlene received the girls from La Rochelle Girls High School, and while the name might sound French, the school is actually in Paarl, South Africa.

was there and he reported that they sang the national South African anthem as La Princesse de Monaco walked into the throne room (Questionable!).

Frans was also keen to share this picture with us!

From what I can see Charlene was wearing her Akris Camel coat which she has been wearing quite often since the first time in December, 2011.
Anlezia Moné was one of the students who met Princess Charlene and she shared this picture below:

 On Saturday, the 13th of April, Princess Charlene flew to Agadir, Morocco to launch the first project of her foundation, Learn to Swim, that's our first interesting piece of news.

When I first saw this photo I was like, GOD! she's way too under-dressed, but then I noticed that she's actually wearing the uniform of her foundation, also seen here worn by some players in a photo that was posted earlier this month by Julien Barès.

Of course this outfit is designed by Nike. I like it as it seems to be one of the very rare times we can see Char in red, Charlene then changed to a swimsuit and swam with the kids.

The Moroccan 2M channel had a reportage about Charlene Von Monaco's visit, with an interview with her.

 while the reportage said nothing new, I thought I'd put the translation of Charlene's brief interview:
"Our program focuses on helping children know better about water safety procedures in seaside cities, and help people understand that, you know, we can be really vulnerable to conditions that we are not aware of"

Our final piece of news for this post is that last month it was reported by many Moroccan newspapers that the Princess is to attend the wedding of Princess Lalla Soukaina of Morocco (Daughter of Lalla Meryam, sister of the king). The wedding date wasn't announced and the King has just given his permission last month, I guess we can assume that the wedding might have taken place this week if Char has already attended.

Lalla Soukaina attended the wedding of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert in 2011 along with her mother. Maybe Soukaina's wedding hasn't took place yet and Charlene will attend it then, now the question is: Will we get any pics from it? That's for them to decide and for us to wish!

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  1. The Lallas have such beautiful hair! Perfect for tiaras. I wonder how Princess Charlene will wear her hair for a tiara event.

  2. Charlene heeft het druk zo te zien!