Princess Charlene's Fashion

Princess Charlene and The 2013 Monaco Grand Prix!

Monaco has just witnessed one of the busiest weeks in the year, The Grand Prix. So let's see how Charlene did -in terms of dressing- over that week and the few days before it!

The very next day after the successful Dior show in Monaco, Charlene wore her blue Dior suit as she accompanied Prince Albert on their visit to Corsica.

Charlene accessorized her suit with nothing but black flats, most probably by Walter Steiger.

Two days later (May, 20th), Charlene von Monaco attended the World Images Lova Closing Party in Cannes, Charlene later attended the Roberto Cavalli yacht party. 

For the occasion, the princess wore a black Akris jumpsuit. This outfit caused quite a debate as many thought she looked gorgeous while many others thought the neckline wasn't so princessy. I'm on the edge, but I absolutely love the clutch, mainly because it's green and probably by Cavalli. Char added a blazer later (not by Akris), you can see it here.

On May 23rd, the Prince and Princess visited the port where the Grand Prix race was to take place.

Charlene wore a "Pastis wool double-face sleeveless sheath with waist zip detail." (Akris words), (Does anyone know what pastis is?) Anyway, gorgeous colour and I'm pretty glad she didn't open the waist zip! Walter Steiger nude flats completed her look.

Later that day Charlene and Albert attended a casual yacht party of some Indian doctor.

Yes, what you're seeing is right, Charlene is wearing Burberry (yes that's the weirdest thing in this pic for me). A similar top is available on Farfetch for

May 24th's morning was the time for the princely couple to visit the handicap area  as people there were watching the race.

I guess, and it's only pure guessing, that Charlene de Monaco was wearing another Burberry!

They're identical, except for the buttons that can change from even one shop to another. The coat above is available for purchase on Burberry's website for $1,150 (after sale).

Later that day, the couple attended the Pierre Frolla 'Operation Poseidon' at Fort Antoine where a diver restored the flag, Charlene then presented her foundation's ambassadors at the yacht club.

Charlene was dressed in Akris top, gilet and button up skirt (she has a similar one in a lighter shade). Although the colour is much of a MEH, I find the contrast between the different fabrics interested and the overall look is classy, flats continued!

They also had a night event that day! A Grand Prix party hosted by the Prince at the palace.

La Princesse wore an Akris spring 2013 dress, of course it was modified and lined, here's the runway version.
Char wore her go-to big Lorenz Baumer earrings.

May 26th was the day of the Grand Prix final race AKA the most important day in the Grand Prix weekend.

The Prince and Princess arrived in a Lexus car which Charlene drove herself (usually Albert is the one who drives). Also in attendance was Pierre Casiraghi, his girlfriend Beatrice Borromeo, Andrea Casiraghi and his Girlfriend Tatiana.

Charlene chose a "Fluo pebblestone patchwork embroidery sleeveless dress". I seriously don't understand why they use these hard descriptions, what about " A sleeveless V-neck dress with a checkered designs that echoes the Grand Prix flag in a gorgeous neon pink"?

Anyway, although Charlene's dress caused a sensation all over twitter, her fierce shoes caused a dilemma for me as I wasn't able to identify them for a few hour!

The gorgeous pair is Giorgio Armani, shown above in black which you can get from for the price of $635. The cut-out T-bar sandals are described as:

Black suede slipper from Giorgio Armani featuring a wide T-bar strap to the front with square cut-out detailing, a thin buckle fastening ankle strap, a suede covered stiletto heel and a contrasting nude sole.

Charlene wore a cute pair of sunglasses which I'm not able to identify yet/at-all, but they're giving me Prada vibes, maybe you can help?

I absolutely love this look, Charlene always does something new for the Grand Prix, this time it's both new and cool!

As usual, a dinner gala took place that night to honor the winners.

The Princess wore a "Calla trapezoid apron gown with horsehair detail" by Akris. This gown is a modified version of this Spring 2013 gown below.

Charlene wore nude pumps, and Akris Ecru minaudière clutch. 

  Charlene wore a striking purple lipstick as she went jewelry-less except for a diamond bracelet which looks new to me.

I like that Char tried a new silhouette which is really flattering on her, but this attire falls flat after the morning's outfit, nothing Charlene wears can upstage her in pink... except purple, or a tiara.. or both together!

What do you think of Charlene's choices this week?

Photos: PurePeople, Farfetch, burberry, newmyroyals, royaldish,


  1. I LOVED Charlene's pink dress. A winner, indeed!

    Her purple lipstick was just daring enough, and made her evening outfit.

    Re: jumpsuit. I don't understand how the neckline caused such an uproar. The Duchess of Cambridge has worn items with very similar necklines (ie Issa engagement pic dress, Jenny Packham Olympic Kickoff Engagement) several times.

  2. pastis - to my knowledge it is a drink, but I don't know its colour

  3. I love all of Charlene's clothes except when she wears the long wide pants. She always seems to look her best at the Grand Prix. She looked amazing at the Grand prix last year too.

  4. Pastis is THE drink in France and hence in Monaco. It is distilled from anis and basically clear, but one drinks it mixed with plain with water (sometimes also some ice cubes) and then, with the water, Pastis becomes that milky-greenish colour. I loooove Pastis, it reminds me of the South :-), regards Barbara

  5. one of my reader think that sunglasses could be DIOR :)

  6. Just perfection!! Love every single outfit Princess Charlene wore last week. Adorable!