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Queen Maxima Investiture Gown by Jan Taminiau

 Yesterday, all the eyes were on The Netherlands as it welcomed its new monarch, King Willem-Alexander. As for us royal fashion maniacs, we were waiting impatiently to see what the queen consort, Maxima would wear. And she didn't disappoint!

Maxima stepped out of the palace in an amazing gown that caught our breaths.

The Queen wore a royal blue gown and cape by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau, the dress is made with a base of crepe and a thin overlay of chiffon.

The gown has a train and bias binding, it has a thin layer of chiffon, openwork motifs and is richly embroidered. The technique used is underlying silk crepe making visible shades and creating a three-dimensional effect, This provides the same sensitivity as in porcelain.

The photos I received from the designer were too huge to be uploaded, I had to resize them to death, and now as I uploaded them the colours go weird as I try to put them in xLarge instead of Medium, so just open in a new tab to see them closely. 

Princess Maxima Jan Taminiau gown. Photo:  Reinier RVDA.

Since King Willem-Alexander had an ermine robe and Maxima didn't since she's a consort and not a sovereign, she had a cape which is in accenting length and has a suggestive sleeve insert. By the interplay of crepe and chiffon it's covering the arms but still transparent.

Reinier RVDA.

 The embroidery details is exquisite and the belt is in the same colour and made of suede. What I really loved about this outfit is the cape, and that's not just because I love a good cape, but also because it was stable on her, it didn't seem at any moment that it was slipping or falling done, she put it on her shoulders and it stayed there! I also loved the train, it wasn't overwhelming.

Reinier RVDA.

The details on the bottom skirt.

The Queen topped her looked with the Mellerio Sapphire tiara, it's Maxima's first time to wear it in its large setting, and it was out first time in a very long time to be actually able to see the sapphires in it as they used to be hidden by Bea's hair.

Maxima also wore the Big Sapphire Brooch and diamond and sapphire earrings which belong to Princess Margriet, Max wore them only once before (thanks Luxurazzi for the tip). the tiara totally lightened her face, and it was just right, not too big as the Stuart Tiara would have been and not too small as the diamond bandeau, also it's brilliant to be wearing something new (to her) since it's a beginning of a new era! I also find it amazing that they could put the tiara together, since it was worn in its small diamond only setting the night before by Princess Mabel!

Maxima's hairdo was brilliant, it secured the tiara perfectly.

Jan also made the gown Maxima wore for the night events, which we will discuss in the next post.

Update: there seems to be something wrong with the colours of the images, this problem is from blogger, not me.I'll try to solve it, but mean while you get the idea of the embroidery

What do you think about the gown, the cape and the tiara?

Photos: Myroyals, Newmyroyals, royaldish, Reinier RVDA.


  1. Queen Maxima was beyond stunning, my mouth droppe dto the floor and a huge OHHHHHHHHH came out. She looked amazing, and William looked so handsome, together they made all of the world's kings and queen's like they all could so with a makeover. And their daughters where just adorable, so cute and well behaved. I just love this royal family, W and M look and act like they are still on their honeymoon.

  2. Thank you for all your work in bringing these pictures to us.
    I wonder if there is any way I could have an option to switch off the music that comes with this site. I find it intrusive.

    1. You're more than welcome.

      Well, for you can click on the stop button in the gadget, it's the Musicdumper thing in the bottom left of the page.
      I have also added a poll regarding the music in the top left, you can vote whether to keep or to remove the music. :)

    2. There is something wrong with the voting. I voted "love it" and it shows as the only vote at the moment, but under "hate it"...

      If I'm not in the mood for the music, or I'm listening something else while browsing, I just switch it off in the volume control application on the computer where you can choose which programs' sound you want to keep on/off. No big deal.

      Btw, I just loooooved Maxima's whole outfit, head to toe. It was exquisitely perfect. :)

    3. I know there's something wrong with that poll, yesterday I slept with 60 votes, woke up to find them five, and by the time they posted there was only one vote and now they're seven!

      Maybe The gadget should be put in a clearer place so you can stop the music whenever you want.

  3. WOW what a lovely dress. Simply a royal dream dress. She were looking pretty God bless her.

  4. you look owsome i like your pic thanks for sharing .

  5. i dont think so this dress looks like a bridesmaid outfit from a cheap middle class store..

  6. Could it be that the cape of Maxima's dress was actually attached to the dress underneath? That is what came to my mind. And I also thought that the designer of her outfit designed something that matched the ermine robe of the King: they both had something over their shoulders.

    Although I am a great fan of Maxima, I preferred the dress she wore later that day during the boat trip.

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  8. I really loved the dress, it is simply perfect, and the shipping time was also superfast. Wow i am very impressed with the designer! My sister got engaged and getting married all within 45 days!