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Worn in Week (Month): What Charlene Wore!

So, we're supposed to be on a hiatus until the Grand Prix next week, but Dior will present their collection tomorrow in Monte-Carlo, we knew it months ago, but we didn't know that Charlene was so involved in it. Apparently she's the one behind this whole initiative! Check the album on the Palais Princier fanpage HERE. So we'll have a look at Charlene's looks that we missed as we prepare for a post or two on tomorrow's event!

Left: Attending the Monte Carlo ATP Masters Series on April 20th, wearing Akris outfit, the Rolex Masters blazer, The Armani Ballerinas and the new Akris Alexa bag. She visited the Top Marques Monaco the same day wearing the same outfit.

Center and left: Attending the ATP Masters finale on April 21st, wearing the Akris dress we saw in London last year, the Armani Ballerinas and the ATP jackets, yes she changed!

That event was followed by a week of silence, then on April 28th, The Prince and Princess attended the charity race by stars for the benefit of Charlene's foundation, there aren't photos of the couple together there. But there's only one pic of Charlene in the street party that followed the race, The Princess was apparently enjoying her time as Chris Knight was singing, he also generously shared the pic with us!

Char and All were spotted leaving the Cathedral that day too, then Albert flew to the Netherlands and Charlene to South Africa were she performed her duties as a matron of honor for the bride.

I'm pretty sure that Charlene von Monaco didn't choose the dress, 'cuz it's lilac, which is, you know, colour!

Charlene also met with many people for her charity, some of them were so excited that they tweeted about it. The Princess also had a photo shoot in the pool and gave an interview where she said that she's now ready for kids (I hope she's ready for tiaras too at Madeleine's wedding next month)!

On May, 7th Char attended with her husband the Woman of the year 2013 awards.

Charlene wore a new Akris dress, it's made of boucle tweed and chiffon, I still can't make my mind whether it's grey or brown!

The dress has a very interesting chiffon back which drives it away from being boring, Charlene de Monaco paired her dress with her AMAZING walter steiger nude pumps.

Three days later, they attended The White Feather Foundation Charity Ball, Charlene wore an Akris white gown from the Spring 2013 collection, with chiffon inserts on the shoulders, and a zip on the back waist -that she didn't zip up-, I find it edgy without showing too much!

On May 13th, Charlene accompanied Albert to inaugurate the secondary school for vocational training of Monaco. Char wore the Akris black dress we've seen firstly in 2010 in Ireland and the black Akris jacket we saw in the ATP masters in 2011, she also wore flat shoes, not shown in the pic.

Later that day the couple had dinner at the Cordon d'Or restaurant.

That's not Charlene's go-to black dress, it actually seems to be a tank top to me. The jacket is new, Either Akris or Versace. I like the blazer, but I LOVE the makeup!

Finally The Prince and Princess inaugurated the Saint Devote Elderly house on May 16th. Charlene repeated her Akris suit we saw in Melbourne last year.

And that's a wrap for a whole month of appearances, nothing terrible but nothing impressing, except the touch of lilac, there's hope!

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Photos: Royaldish, myroyals, purepeople, PalaisPrincier


  1. You have a great blog! thaks also for such good info about Princess Charlène, my favourite royal!!:)

  2. You mentioned Madeleine's wedding: I'm pretty sure that Albert and Charlene do not attend as Madeleine is only n:r 4 in succession line. The guest list has not been published, but for example from Denmark Joachim and Marie are expected, not Frederik and Mary.

    1. I didn't say they're going (we don't know yet as you said), I said that I hope she's ready for tiaras which kind of means I hope she's going. :)
      Plus it all depends on how close the Swedish royal family is to the Monegasque, that is what really determines who's going. Example: The Belgian royal family at Albert and Charlene's wedding!

    2. I probably read the text too quickly.
      One question: your remark on lilac: Was it only as Charlene seldom wears other than "neutral colours" or has lilac any special meaning that a person like me, from a different cultural sphere, should know?

    3. Purely because it's not beige or black, or grey. That's a reason enough for me. :D

      I don't know if it has a special meaning, will try to find out and tell you!