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The Royal Thumbs Up: The Best And Worst from Princess Madeleine Wedding

The wedding ceremony of Princess Madeleine and Chris O'neill drew more royal guests than the pre-wedding dinner. Let's thumb them up (and down):

Best in Swarovski
Queen Silvia

Described by the palace as "A jade-coloured dress with a train. The dress is silk organza with embroidered silk lace and Swarovski stones". It looks like many of the queen's other gowns but I really like it, she added a jacket in a similar colour later (Photo). The Queen also wore the Pronger Tiara and the diamond rivière.

Best in Cape
Princess Mette-Marit

Princess Mette-Marit missed the dinner as she was in Asia, but she attended the wedding ceremony and she did not disappoint. The crown princess wore a baby blue lace gown, it was reported to be by Emilio Pucci but I still haven't got it confirmed yet. We always complain that MM wears the daisy tiara, this time she decided to go for the amethysts but I somehow think the daisy would have suited the dress better, no complains, I like it this way, too! Did you notice her Kotur clutch? She wears it often on royal events!

Best in Soft
Princess Marie

Marie made a style recovery -for me- with this magnificent gown, it's soft and summery but still splendid, I like it with the sash, too. Marie stuck to her wedding tiara, which makes me wonder, doesn't she have a Flora Danica tiara made of silver and amethyst that she never wore?

Best in Far East
Princess Takamado

I'm not sure I like the dress or the purse (is that a Capricorn on it? Jeannieach thinks it's a swan and its reflection), but it's very rare for a Japanese princess to wear a gown in something other than white, so kudos for that. Plus, these are some major jewelry that we don't get to see often!

Best in Meh!
Sophie, Countess of Wessex

The gown is beautiful, but way too pale, it reminds me of the gown Camilla wore to the investiture dinner in the Netherlands therefore I assume it's is by Bruce Oldfield, too. I don't like the pairing with the Aquamarine Tiara, because while theoretically the colours don't clash, in reality they don't blend. Sophie wore new-to-her earrings from the Queen's collections, the Queen always wears them with ruby drops which were taken off this time.

Second Best in Meh!
Princess Stephanie

Stephanie wore another Elie Saab gown, this time in gold/beige, Stephanie took advantage of the dress being sleeves to take a wrap. Although the dress is Saab, it's MEH (at its best, though), it could have worked way better if it was well-fitted and had a different neckline. Love that she went for the mysterious citrine/topaz (no one knows) although I'm not a fan of the way the tiara is placed!

Best in Jewel-less
Princess Charlene

This is going to be a bit long! Let's discuss what she did first then see what she didn't!

Just like the dinner, Charlene turned to Akris to design her "A cameo “water wave” gown with a silk georgette stole accessorized with an Alice bag". The gown is great, hugs her body perfectly and I like the peplum which steal the attention from the shoulders, I like the mermaid skirt and the colour is good and understated.
Finally, I could understand how these stoles work, it has one sleeve for the right arm and she's free to wrap the left side as she wishes, smart, me thinks!

Now about the lack of jewelry, I've sent the Princely Palace asking if there was a reason she didn't wear a tiara and they said that the rules of protocol allowed it. So, it's not mandatory to wear a tiara or a sash but it is mandatory to wear a gown and cover your arms, which Charlene did. So she didn't do something wrong, she did something disappointing, I mean what about just stud earrings? At least she wore her wedding ring. And I have to salute her for being so resistant to walk in her own path.

Best in Almost Inappropriate
Princess Tatiana

Apparently a princess can get away with not wearing a tiara but she can't get away with wearing strapless to a royal wedding in a church even if her gown is in a lovely colour and a lovely shape and matches perfectly her sash, accessories and Antique Corsage Tiara. Thanks to our friend elpalais on Twitter, we know Tatiana avoided being inappropriate by wearing a wrap inside the chapel (Photo), she looks good!

Best in Potential
Sofia Hellqvist

She's not a royal -yet- but she's a royal girlfriend! So we can discuss her here. In fact, I see a potential in Sofia, she's been trying to embrace the public with being so understated and classic and I think this might be a good start! Her dress might remind you of Pippa's infamous bridesmaid dress but it also reminds me of the Roksanda Ilincic dress Kate has worn, I like it and the big funky rings!

Second Best EVER
Princess Martha Louise

Would you have believed that a few years ago when Martha Louise was all about quirky dressing? She's looking FABULOUS in this amazing gown which is reported to be Pucci just like her sister-in-law's. I love the colour, the neckline, the light embroidery, everything! She has some serious train going on, too (photo).
The Princess wore Queen Maud's Pearl and Diamond Tiara in its smaller setting (she wore it at her own wedding) and paired it with a sapphire necklace, earrings and bracelet. Parfait!

Princess Victoria

Victoria decided to take us to heaven with her amazing gown (and cute daughter).
Fadi El Khoury is the designer behind this dreamy gown. Fadi El Khoury is a couture designer and the dress is really a couture creation as it has taken about 800 hours "to build", it's made in Italy by seamstress with 40 years of experience.
"The placed  hand embroidery of 12 meters with hand dyed silk threads in shades of grége rosé  and crystal beads in amethyst and light grey opal has taken most of the time."

Princess Victoria in a Fadi ElKhoury gown
 All of the embroidery is incrusted to hide all visible seams and the dress is built of double silk organza, silk organza with lurex threads and layers of hand-dyed tulle, the dress has a costum made corset and an underskirt with 18 meters of layers of tulle and crinoline.

Another photo to appreciate this amazing Fadi El Khoury Couture gown!

Victoria paired this exquisite gown with Princess Lilian's tiara and corsage necklace, I've always hated this tiara but this time it doesn't look so empty in Victoria's hair as it did with Lilian. Great hairdo, too.

And now the worst!

Worst in White
Princess Marie Chantal

Marie Chantal can't get away with wearing white, especially if it's Valentino Haute Couture (who dressed the bride)!

Worst for The Night
Princess Mary

I love Mary, like really love Mary, she's usually one of the best dressed in every event she attends, but not this time. It's just so bizzare, I was never a fan of nude underlays and the cape's satin trimming makes it look like a nightgown with the lace, and the dress could have been two inches longer, the silver accessories don't go well with the rest of the outfit and neither does the Midnight Tiara.

Who was your favorite for the night? And who was your least favorite?

Photos: Zimbio, newmyroyals

Princess Madeleine's Wedding Gown!

She's married! He's smiled! We are happy, so let's have a look at Princess Madeleine's wedding gown!

As announced by The Palace two days ago, Valentino himself designed the gown for the princess.

The bride stepped in the Royal Chapel in a silk organza gown with ivory Chantilly lace appliqués. As described by the palace, the upper part of the bodice is made of lace, off the shoulder short sleeves and a V  back .The middle part of the bodice is the only lace-less part in the gown as the lace appliqués from the lower part to the end of the gown.

The waist is fitted and from it pleats open up to form a full ball skirt which also has the ivory Chantilly lace appliqués. The end of the skirt features a heavily-appliquéd (dust) ruffle, the back of the skirt has more pleats which form the four-meter train.

Madeleine decided not to wear the heirloom lace veil, instead she wore a new silk organza veil which is "edged with tulle scatted with point d'esprit dots and small Chantilly lace orange blossom", the veil is longer than the four-meter train!

Madeleine wore slingback pumps in "Ivory white organdy with woven point d'esprit dots."

With her attire, the princess opted out of most traditions as she wore the Modern Fringe Tiara instead of the Cameo Tiara -Which I sadly put my money on-, the tiara looked different to me in the beginning because it was placed higher than usual and its base was decorated with sprigs of orange blossom.

The tiara secured the veil at its place on Madeleine's low bun which was created by Rick Ljung while the makeup was done by Sara Denman. Sticking to one tradition, Madeleine wore myrtle in her hair (below).

Madeleine held a round-shaped bouquet with all-white flowers.

As for the other jewelry, she wore the same earrings she wore for her sister's wedding, they belong to the Bernadotte collection and the bracelet she wore last night, along with her whopper engagement ring.

Valentino released the sketch of the gown, it looks quite different there at first glance!

I think Princess Madeleine looked very beautiful, but I don't love the dress, don't hate it either! The ruffle thing at the skirt reminds me of Princess Sibilla's wedding gown, designed by Valentino, too, it wasn't good then 19 years ago, and it's not good now. But thankfully, since Madeleine's isn't made of silk satin it's more tolerable! I like that Madeleine mixed traditional with modern and did her own thing, too.

What do you think of Princess Madeleine's wedding gown?

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Photos: Dailymail, Zimbio, Valentino 

The Royal Thumbs Up: The Best and Worst From Princess Madeleine's Pre-Wedding Dinner

Princess Madeleine's pre-wedding dinner took place tonight at the Grand Hotel, with guests varying from royal to billionaires I'm left disappointed and underwhelmed. Focusing on the positive part; most of the royal ladies did well, so let's give some thumbs up and down!

Best in Girl of The Party

Princess Madeleine
in Elie Saab

Although she's going to wear Valentino tomorrow for her wedding (confirmed by the palace), The princess chose a dress from the Lebanese designer, Elie Saab. This is Madeleine's first time to wear Saab -at least from what we know-, the dress is from the resort 2013 collection (our friend Sydney from lux-arazzi was the first to ID it).

I like that Madeleine didn't go for couture, after all this dinner is way too casual than her sister's in 2010 (don't you just hate comparing both?). Mads brought us another surprise with her earrings as she wore the earrings she wore for her engagement but this time with big aquamarines instead of pearls, I like it both ways!

Best in Queen and Mother-in-Law

Queen Silvia

You can always trust Queen Silvia to bring colour, glam and class, and this time was no exception. Her amazing tiered gown is so classy and beautiful while the sleeves and neckline parts are embroidered and shiny, it's a gala after all so some rhinestones are needed. And you know what the best part is? We don't always know the designers of Silvia's clothes, must be someone pretty exclusive!

Best in Sister of The Bride
Princess Victoria
in Jenny Packham

While Victoria's dress might look very good in this photo, it looked very unflattering from other angles, also the wind blew it for her on her way to the hotel. This Jenny Packham dress in the second dress Princess Victoria wore from the designer's Spring 2013 collection,

I like to believe that Vic chose Jenny Packham 'cause she didn't want to "compete" with her sister in Elie Saab, kudos for that! Her accessories are good, jewelry are fine (hair not so much) so she deserves a thumb up!

Best in Chic

Princess Marie Chantal
in Oscar de la Renta

Marie-Chantal may have arrived to Stockholm with Valentino in a private jet but that doesn't mean she would wear Valentino (at least tonight).

The Princess arrived at the dinner wearing a high-low Oscar de la Renta dress in dove grey. The dress comes from the Spring 2013 collection.

Many of you don't like high-low dresses, but I think this one is really beautiful with the embroidery and the way MC styled it with the gold Louboutin pumps!

Best in Sequins

Princess Tatiana
In Armani (not sure)

Firstly, I'm not sure Tatiana was in Armani but it looks Armani to me! Anyway, I like how the chiffon over the sequins forms a different effect, like discreet sparkle. the colour also makes a nice contrast against Tatiana's blondness! 

Best in I Can Look Young, Too

Princess Stephanie
in Elie saab

Finally, Stephanie kicked it out the (her) park, she left her shawl, wrap and scarf at home and let her one-shouldered Elie Saab draped number steal the show! This is the best Steph has looked since her wedding, the simplicity of this gown suits her delicate features and the clutch, also Saab, adds a touch of glamorous sparkle, I likey!

Best in Martha Louise

Princess Martha Louise

Princess Martha Louise's style is bizarre, she can play classic but when she's not bizarre-ing it up, she's not herself! So, kudos for a nice try to mix her bizarre self with classical dressing, I like the colour, too.

And now with the worst:

Worst in Boring

Princess Marie
in Yawn, doesn't matter

 Do I even need to explain? It's just dull, What a disappointment in Marie who always brings interesting gowns, the fabric looks so thin, too, I'm afraid I can see stuff I'm not supposed to see!

Worst EVER in Mother-in-Law

Eva Maria Walter
In Valentino (?)

Okay, before you start hating on it you have to know why Eva chose this Valentino dress which was the real reason behind Valentino's retirement! Eva knew that there will be no Dutch at the wedding, she also knew that you were wishing that even Princess Mabel would attend but since she won't, Eva decided to make you feel Mabel's essence by wearing a hugely-bowed gown, Eva risked her life as this bow could have swallowed her alive!

On a more serious not: This dress looks bad, is too short, and isn't age appropriate, it might would have looked good when she dated Prince Charles in the 80's (yes, she did) but not now!

It's time for those whom I can't make my mind up about:

Charlene in Charlene

Princess Charlene
in Akris

Charlene has a competition of her own, her own league. Although she looks amazing and she's in a colour (yes, anything not beige or black is a colour for Char) there are other stuff that make me unsure about the look:

  • I love the fabric but she's worn the same gown silhouette before in burgundy in Singapore (minus the vest).
  • The vest adds an edgy side to the outfit but just think of the idea of a vest over a gown!
  • It's all in one colour but it looks to have different colours (not sure whether that's good or bad).
  • The colour really suits her tone but washes her out (if that makes sense).
And the last reason for the dislike part is that she's not wearing ANY jewelry, not even earrings... on a royal wedding!

To sum it up: Charlene looked amazing but not exactly royal or as I/we wanted her to look (which is exactly what she wanted)!


Countess Natascha Abensperg und Traun and Tatjana d’Abo (Chris's sisters, thanks to kuninkaalliset)
The one on the left is wearing Marchesa and I can't decide whether I like it or not (Mainly because I don't like Marchesa) while I can't love the one on the right because it makes me think that these are two dresses above each other!

Who was your best and worst dressed for the evening?

Photos: Zimbio, newmyroyals,

Style Speculation: What Will Princess Madeleine Wear on Her Wedding?

As we're all waiting impatiently for the wedding of Princess Madaeleine of Sweden and Christopher O'neill, why don't we spend some time speculating the most interesting part, AKA, the gown?

What we've been hearing for a while now is that Valentino is designing Madeleine's gown, it was firstly reported by the Expressen.

Valentino is a huge fashion house, and there are two options when it comes to it:

  1.  Valentino's current creative directors, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, designed it for the house.

In this case we shall expect something from the new Valentino which is still feminine but  modern and just a little more punky. Above are some runway looks from their last few couture collections.
Their keystones: Lace, Macramé, chiffon and silk crepe.

 2.  Mr. Valentino himself is designing the gown for the Princess:

In this case we shall expect something truly feminine, princessy, beautiful and most importantly; glamorous.

Yet, Valentino's creations can look so simple and unfussy with just the right amount of embellishments, tiers or interesting silhouettes. And yes, we've seen the one on the right on Cameron Diaz in the 2007 Academy Awards.

His Keystones: embroidery, tiers, lace, silk satin and bows.


This gown wouldn't be Valentino's first royal wedding gown as he designed both Queen Maxima's (above) and Princess Marie-Chantal's (below).

One of Valentino's most notable wedding gowns is the gown her designed last year for Anne Hathaway, which gives us a thought or two about what he might be into designing these days.

Valentino is a designer who likes to show women's beauty through clothes (and not lack of clothes) and Madeleine is a beautiful girl who likes to show it and isn't afraid of hitting the glamorous side, so they can make a great duo.

Yes, please.
As much as I would love to see a Swedish design (you know we don't see many of these), I can't really complain about Valentino, just look at the dress above!

However, until it's confirmed by the palace or Valentino (who is in the unofficial guest list we saw), it's still a rumor. And actually those who quoted The Expressen forgot that it was the Expressen who reported earlier that Linda Nurk is the designer behind the gown!

Linda is a Swedish designer who has designed for Princesses Victoria and Madeleine, most notably the gown Princess Madeleine wore for the wedding of Princess Victoria and these two gown for Nobel Awards.

I just hope that if she's doing the gown she'd do something more refined than these two!

Pär Engsheden is also a possibility as he designed for both princess before, he designed Victoria's wedding gown and Madeleine's wedding banns dress.

And finally Angel Sanchez is another designer to predict. The American designer has dressed Madeleine for her sister's pre-wedding dinner (above) in actually a bridal gown. Madeleine wore the dress again for the 2012 Nobel Awards. You can check out his designs HERE.

Although the designer is still unknown there are still some things that we can expect in the gown, like it will NOT be strapless (royal protocol), and that it will have a train that's not too long since the Royal Chapel isn't that big, but Mads can work a train, can't she?

As for the tiara, I'm putting my money on the Cameo!

What do you hope to see in Madeleine's wedding gown?

 Photos:, Zimbio, RoyalJewelsOfTheWorld