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The Royal Thumbs Up: Princess Charlene Wears Atelier Versace to The Love Ball!

So, you're in the airport waiting for your luggage to arrive, they're taking ) so you decide to check photos of the ball in Monaco you were so excited about before you fell asleep with the laptop on your face and you see this:

 Left to right: Tatiana, Andrea, Antoine Arnault, Natalia Vodianova, Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, Princess Caroline and Karl Lagerfeld. 

And boy! that's way too much awesomeness for you in the morning!

So, as you see, Albert, Charlene, Caroline, Andrea and Tatiana attended the Love ball in Monaco in aid of Natalia Vodianova's The Naked Heart Foundation. For the occasion, they all turned in their best couture (except Tatiana) and jewelry (you know except who).

Let's thumb them up already?

Best in FOREVER: Princess Charlene

Best in Chanel: Princess Caroline

Charlene did many stuff with this amazing gown: 1. She wore colour, soft one but it counts. 2. she wore lace and that's very rare. 3. She wore Atelier Versace for the first time!

I think you can really tell it's Versace from the silhouette, it hugs the Princess's body perfectly and flatters every single curve, that's one of the most feminine gowns Charlene has ever worn, and I think that's what you get when you sign up for Versace, I love the lace details and the embroidery, it's what makes it look more than just a well-fitted dress, I'm not even going to complain about the lack of jewelry (she wore her wedding ring). So, Char, dump Akris and stay with Donatella!

Look how heavy the lace is

On the other hand, Caroline hasn't looked this lovely in a long while with evening wear, let's face it Chanel doesn't do her much favor, but this dress is actually really pretty, it's Karl's Chanel at its best and couture at its simplest, I don't usually like these hemlines, especially on Caroline but I like the sandals, Kudos for the jewelry!

Best in Approachable: Tatiana Santo Domingo

What I really like about Tatiana -even though I'm not a fan of her style- is her attitude, while everyone attended the ball in $$$$$$$$ couture gowns (Natalia was in Dior Couture as well), Tatiana decided to go for a 1000$ frock (I know that's not cheap, but it's Monaco)! The dress is Issa in a kaftan design, it features an embellished neckline of gold embroidery, jewels and intricate beadwork. It was available on for 998$ then it was put on sale for 399$ before it was sold out in its two colours (Blue and green).

I think it really fits Tatiana and her style, although I wish the sleeves were a bit tighter and it was a couple more inches longer! Nice makeup and hairdo too, Tati!

Another picture of the glamorous trio!

Which was your favorite look?

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Photos: Zimbio, PurePeople, Boutique1

UPDATED Belgium Abdication Special: Princess Mathilde Wears NATAN Fabienne Delvigne!

NATAN and Fabienne Delvigne released the information regarding the outfits at the abdication today!

The soon to be Queen of the Belgians wore a NATAN Nacre dress in cotton-silk organza with brocade design draped neckline and plunging back.

Her Fabienne Delvigne creation is called Envolé. "This hat is made ​​from a blend of fibers of abaca and silk. The draped shape is reinforced with two asymmetrical sides and is made ​​from a carved openwork fabric. The hat is in beige color powder." Fabienne promises that the hat will be both elegant and glamorous.

Queen Paola wore a NATAN Grass green dress in cotton ajoure with flower design and matching cropped jacket with rising neckline 

As a headgear she chose a "headband with two intersecting sides made from banana fiber in a soft yellow tint."

Joining in the NATAN and Delvigne party was Princess Claire who wore a
Cotton dress with Pointiliem print in ecru, ocher and fuchsia with cropped jacket in ocher colored dupioni silk with 1/2 sleeves and groe grain bow at the waist

And "ocher exploded straw hat cape line of soft straw and natural parabuntal". The hat is of extreme delicacy and is adorned with a ribbon.

Will keep you posted with all the other news.