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King Fouad and Fadila Wedding (And Issues)

As we're waiting for the wedding of Prince Mohammed Ali and Princess Noal and the wedding of Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana, here's a look at Mohammed Ali's father's wedding that took place in the Palais Princier in Monaco!

Fouad met Dominique-France Picard for the first time in Switzerland where he was at school, Dominique's brother used to go to the same school. Years later they met on a plane and started a relationship that led to Fouad's proposal. The couple were married civilly on April 16, 1976 in Paris. Later that year, Dominique converted to Islam and changed her name to Fadila -you might note that it starts with an F, Fadila said that Fouad picked it himself to go with the tradition started by his grandfather King Fouad I who named all his children with Fs, it's also thought that Fadila was the suggested name if Fouad II was to be a girl- the religious ceremony took place in the Princely Palace in Monaco on October, 5 1977 (Yes, a year after the civil wedding) on the invitation of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace. Fadila says that this invitation was because her parents knew the princely couple as they owned a chalet next to them in Switzerland but actually King Farouk and Prince Rainier were close friends and Rainier gave Farouk the Monegasque citizenship (hence the speculations about Farouk's fortune hidden in Monaco)

For her wedding, Fadila chose a white silk faille gown topped with a cream and gold embroidered brocade jacket. We don't know who made the outfit, but I'm pretty sure it was a couture house!

On her head, Fadila chose to wear the Turkish yashmak. Yashmak is like a head scarf that's not supposed to hide the hair or the face, it's supposed to cover the neck and a part of the border of the face to give it a magical flair and bring attention to the eyes and cheeks, it was usually worn with a hat. and while it was normal for royals to wear yashmak in the morning and even to black tie events, it was the first time -and rather odd- for a royal bride to wear yashmak on her wedding, I think Fadila wore it to show that she became a Muslim and that she respected the heritage abd traditions of the royal family. below we see Princess Fawzia wearing yashmak to the wedding of her brother, King Farouk while the bride, Queen Narriman was wearing a tiara in 1951.

From this photo you can easily tell that Fadila's yashmak was overdone to the extent that it almost turned into a hijab!

Upon the civil wedding Fadila got the the title and style of Her Majesty, Queen Fadila of Egypt and the couple lived together in an apartment in the prestigious Avenue Foch in Paris. They had three children together; Mohammed Ali, Fawiza Latifa, Fakhr ElDin. However the couple split in the late 90s early 2000s, Fouad left Fadila the Paris apartment and lived in Switzerland. Famously in 2002 the apartment was auctioned off by Societé Generale bank when she couldn't pay back her debts for years, she spoke to almost every newspaper saying that Fouad left her no money when they divorced!
As a divorcée, she held the title of Her Highness, Princess Fadila.

 But that was before Fadila did her first (and last) interview with an Egyptian journalist in 2008, in the interview Fadila denied that she and Fouad were divorced and said they were smart and wise enough to focus on their children's future instead of thinking about silly stuff like divorce (ouch!) and that they were so in love and hadn't ever thought about separation!

Mohammed Ali (Left) and Fadila (right) attending Princess Soraya's birthday (center). Pic was taken in 1997-2001

Fouad wasn't exactly thrilled with this interview, so he released a paper written and signed by him in Arabic stating that he and Fadila had been separated for 11 years and stripping her off her title. So now Fadila is Mrs. Fadila and nothing else (Queen was not even an official title to fight for!), in a later interview Fouad said the divorce wasn't confirmed by the courts until 2008!

Left to right: Princess Grace, Queen Narriman, King Fouad, Princess Fadila, Fadila's mother, Prince Rainier

It's not known whether Fadila will attend her son's wedding or not (and there are some speculations that the wedding will be postponed because of the situation in Egypt)

Just when you thought Fergie was as wild as it gets!

What do you think of Fadila's wedding dress?

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Jewelry Special: Princess Charlene's Graff Earrings!

So today we have a discovery that led to many others!

The earrings Princess Charlene wore to the Monaco Red Cross Ball earlier this month are by Graff Diamonds.

This amazing Graff pair is made of Briolette and pear shaped aquamarines set with diamond pavé, it consists of 43.03 carats of aquamarines and 3.15 carats of diamonds.

Here's a picture of the earrings (bragging that you would never find it anywhere else :P)

click to enlarge

The discovery is that these are not the only Graff earrings Charlene has!

 The earrings she wore last year to the Oscars (yes the ones that we thought were Montblanc) are Graff too, they're called the waterfall earrings.

You can find this photo online :P

Charlene also has the same pair set with white and yellow diamonds, you might remember her wearing it to the York Variety Club Golden Jubilee gala shortly after her wedding in 2011.

Another very interesting Graff pair is the one wore to a gala held by the Monaco Disease Power last year.

These earrings are made of white, yellow and pink diamonds and are called the "Gypsy Earrings".

This one too :P

GRAFF never does celebrity endorsements, so we can be pretty sure that Char actually owns these earrings, especially since the ones we haven't seen more than once weren't worn to big-enough events to borrow jewelry for. Also, Graff might not be very famous like Cartier but that's mainly because they take their exclusivity seriously. Graff's creations are known as "Millionaires' jewelry"!

Another look at the princess wearing the earrings

Back to the aquamarine earrings, these are not the only aquamarine earrings the princess owns, there is another pair that we have seen before the wedding when she attended a cocktail reception wearing the Lanvin dress. We saw it again last year to the Montblanc reception during the Oscars weekend, however, Montblanc confirmed that they did NOT design it, Tabbah did the same and so did Graff, that's a bit of a mystery that I'll have to solve!

So what do you think of Charlene's Graff collection? Which pair is your favorite?

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Royal Weddings of August: What to expect!

This month we have two royals taking place, and the two involve heirs!

The first is the wedding of Prince Mohammed Ali, the eldest son of ex-king Fouad II of Egypt which technically makes him the crown prince, to Princess Noal Zaher, the daughter of Prince Muhammed Daoud Pashtunyar Khan, the youngest son of King Mohammed Zahir Shah. Noal holds a degree in business from Institut Saint Dominique and designs jewelry now.
Left to right: Prince Duran Zaher, Princess Noal Zaher, King Fouad, Prince Mohammed Ali, Princess Fawzia Latifa, Prince Fakhr ElDin.

The wedding will take place at Çirağan palace, a former Ottoman palace that's not a luxury hotel directed by Kempinski in Istanbul where the couple has first met.

It's not expected that the wedding will have a full coverage or that there will be tiaras or big jewels, would be interesting to see if the Egyptian Royal Family still has some jewelry in their vaults, though.

Çırağan Palace.

I have to say that the whole thing surprises me, in the announcement The King used the Title "Prince of Upper Egypt" to refer to his son which never happened before (like the Prince of Wales, The Prince of Upper Egypt was the title used for the crown prince in Egypt), King Fouad also never used his title as King in any of the messages he sent to the people, so titling everyone in his family including himself this time was really something strange!
Also, Princess Fawzia passed away last month, she was the senior of the family, and I'm quite shocked that the wedding wasn't postponed in respect to her death!
Anyway, I'll update with all the info which I can get it!

The next wedding we have is Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana's, the couple were engaged in July last year and are rumored to be tying the knot later this month.

The couple at the Dior fashion show

ParisMatch reported that the couple are to wed on August 31st, when I asked The Palace about the date a few weeks ago they told me that information will be sent to me on due times, which usually means "yes, but we won't tell you now", so I guess it's really on the 31st.

I don't think we will get much of a coverage of that wedding, though. The Monegasque family is known for their privacy and discretion. Let's just hope we'll at least get a few pictures!

Will keep you updated with all the information I can get.

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BREAKING: Princess Charlene wears EARRINGS to The Red Cross Ball..... And a new designer!

Last night Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and -surprisingly- Princess Caroline attended the Monaco Red Cross Ball.

Princess Caroline turned to Chanel as usual in a Spring 2013 couture piece, Although I really like blue on her, I'm not a fan of this gown, it looks as a see-through dress worn over a white dress. Great makeup, hairdo and jewelry, though. The earrings belonged to Princess Charlotte.

I have to say that even though I wrote this title mainly as a joke, I find Charlene's look very much surprising and deserves to be called "Breaking".
The only familiar thing about the gown is its silhouette. The Colour (I can't believe it, either) is turquoise and not the "Charlene Blue" we see on her every now and then, the bodice is pleated somehow to keep it a bit interesting!

While it might look like a design by Akris or Ralph Lauren, it's actually by the new French designer Patrice Papa (confirmed by The Palace).

Papa is based in Monaco and is yet to open his atelier, there isn't much information about him but the first dress we've seen from his work was the dress worn by Celita de Cárdenas to the Rose Ball earlier this year which is probably where Char has seen him, I have the sketch of Charlene's dress but I can't publish it without his permission, I think over the next few months -hopefully- we'll see more of his work!

Charlene wore giant new earrings, from afar I thought they were turquoise but in this close up they seem to be made of very light-coloured aquamarines or some clear stones. We don't know who made them except that it's NOT Montblanc, we'll keep you updated if I get a confirmation.

What do you think of Princess Charlene's and Caroline's looks?

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