Princess Charlene's Fashion

BREAKING: Princess Charlene wears EARRINGS to The Red Cross Ball..... And a new designer!

Last night Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and -surprisingly- Princess Caroline attended the Monaco Red Cross Ball.

Princess Caroline turned to Chanel as usual in a Spring 2013 couture piece, Although I really like blue on her, I'm not a fan of this gown, it looks as a see-through dress worn over a white dress. Great makeup, hairdo and jewelry, though. The earrings belonged to Princess Charlotte.

I have to say that even though I wrote this title mainly as a joke, I find Charlene's look very much surprising and deserves to be called "Breaking".
The only familiar thing about the gown is its silhouette. The Colour (I can't believe it, either) is turquoise and not the "Charlene Blue" we see on her every now and then, the bodice is pleated somehow to keep it a bit interesting!

While it might look like a design by Akris or Ralph Lauren, it's actually by the new French designer Patrice Papa (confirmed by The Palace).

Papa is based in Monaco and is yet to open his atelier, there isn't much information about him but the first dress we've seen from his work was the dress worn by Celita de Cárdenas to the Rose Ball earlier this year which is probably where Char has seen him, I have the sketch of Charlene's dress but I can't publish it without his permission, I think over the next few months -hopefully- we'll see more of his work!

Charlene wore giant new earrings, from afar I thought they were turquoise but in this close up they seem to be made of very light-coloured aquamarines or some clear stones. We don't know who made them except that it's NOT Montblanc, we'll keep you updated if I get a confirmation.

What do you think of Princess Charlene's and Caroline's looks?

Photos:, PurePeople,, Google.


  1. i love this new look for charlene! the color looks great with her skin tone. the shape is interesting and flattering, tho not exactly ground-breakingly different.

    most startling of all are the earrings - big and sparkly! she's pretty much stopped wearing jewelry recently (incl at princess mad's wedding! no jewelry at a royal wedding! i still can't get over that), so these seem esp startling.

    i don't love caroline's dress - shapeless, and i don't like the way the lace stands apart so much from the underskirt, not to mention stopping before the floor.
    i also don't like her hairstyle - too informal for the event.

  2. Charlene looks magnificent and every inch a Princess!!!

  3. To me, Caroline's dress looks like blue lace worn over a white t-shirt. Charlene looks stunning. I love the color.

  4. Princess Charlène, just PERFECTION!!!!
    Love her dress, earrings, everything! In others pictures I saw just a bit of the shoes she was wearing, and looked also divine.
    Caroline´s look,....just not like it at all, and I agree with Alpa, her hairstyle is really quite informal for this kind of event.
    Thank you The Royal Couturier for brings us all of this complete info as usual.
    Saludos desde Buenos Aires!

  5. A couple of years ago I was on holiday in Nice and had a dress in similar colour (ordinary day dress). It was astonishing how wonderful the colour was in the Riviera sunshine - compared with how it looked in our Scandinavian summer.
    As for Charlene's earrings: besides acquamarines the blue stones can also be blue topazes but there are even other light blue stones.

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