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Jewelry Special: Princess Charlene's Graff Earrings!

So today we have a discovery that led to many others!

The earrings Princess Charlene wore to the Monaco Red Cross Ball earlier this month are by Graff Diamonds.

This amazing Graff pair is made of Briolette and pear shaped aquamarines set with diamond pavé, it consists of 43.03 carats of aquamarines and 3.15 carats of diamonds.

Here's a picture of the earrings (bragging that you would never find it anywhere else :P)

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The discovery is that these are not the only Graff earrings Charlene has!

 The earrings she wore last year to the Oscars (yes the ones that we thought were Montblanc) are Graff too, they're called the waterfall earrings.

You can find this photo online :P

Charlene also has the same pair set with white and yellow diamonds, you might remember her wearing it to the York Variety Club Golden Jubilee gala shortly after her wedding in 2011.

Another very interesting Graff pair is the one wore to a gala held by the Monaco Disease Power last year.

These earrings are made of white, yellow and pink diamonds and are called the "Gypsy Earrings".

This one too :P

GRAFF never does celebrity endorsements, so we can be pretty sure that Char actually owns these earrings, especially since the ones we haven't seen more than once weren't worn to big-enough events to borrow jewelry for. Also, Graff might not be very famous like Cartier but that's mainly because they take their exclusivity seriously. Graff's creations are known as "Millionaires' jewelry"!

Another look at the princess wearing the earrings

Back to the aquamarine earrings, these are not the only aquamarine earrings the princess owns, there is another pair that we have seen before the wedding when she attended a cocktail reception wearing the Lanvin dress. We saw it again last year to the Montblanc reception during the Oscars weekend, however, Montblanc confirmed that they did NOT design it, Tabbah did the same and so did Graff, that's a bit of a mystery that I'll have to solve!

So what do you think of Charlene's Graff collection? Which pair is your favorite?

Photos: Graff, Ibitimes, daylife, zimbio, myroyals, astdibs


  1. The all-diamond ones are more versatile, but I do love me some aquamarines (and Charlene looks great with a little color). And imagine having multiple pairs of the same design . . . we're not talking different colors of turtlenecks here, folks!

  2. I find it interesting that at least one of the sites that are definitely negative when it comes to Charlene have never posted pix like those above. They constantly harp on the fact that she's always glum and never wears jewelry. Thanks for the beautiful photos and the info on her earrings.

  3. If I remember correctly she has an entire set of jewelry that match the yellow and white diamond earrings. It is a beautiful set of jewelry.

  4. sur votre adresse mail,
    des infos sur les pendants d'oreilles portés à Los Angeles.

    1. J'ai reçu aucun mail concernant ces pendants d'oreilles.Est-ce que c'était vous même qui les avait envoyé? Pouvez-vous les envoyé une autres fois s'il vous plait?

    2. Je viens de vous envoyer 2 mails, car il y a aussi quelques photos.

      Mon mail
      Bonne réception !

  5. Thank-you for the wonderful pictures. Charlene can wear these earrings because she is statuesque. All of them are wonderful so I cannot say which pair I like most!

  6. Wow cute & trendy earrings...