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Worn in Week: Charlene and the Unknown!

The title says it all, nothing is known about any of the outfits the princess wore this week (they're actually two weeks but anyway)!

On the 10th of October, Charlene and Albert flew to Siena, Italy to attend a gala for Prince Albert's foundation.

The gala followed an exhibition by Monaco's artist Marcos Marin pictured above with the royal couple along with Italian star, Paolo Stella.

Paolo shared that Charlene's dress was bordeaux. A later pic with the staff proved him right, Charlene paired the dress with -odd- grey pumps and a new pair of earrings. The designer of the dress is unknown but it might be Akris given the shape of its back.

Charlene and Albert were seen the next day leaving the hotel. (Char in that black skirt suit)

on October 12, the prince and princess of Monaco were in Agadir for the Star Team for children gala.

 All we know about this dress is that it's backless (and not Akris).

Finally, on the 15th of October and back to Monaco, Charlene inaugurated the Month of Italian Culture exhibition wearing this outfit.

There were other photos shared by the Italian embassy but they were taken down later (I wonder if the Palace requested that). Anyway, Char paired the skirt and top (not Akris) with her nude Jimmy Choo pumps and her engagement ring. i'm not keen on the flat hair!

In the other photos you could see this:

Yup, A portrait of the princess, wait for a post about that!

The couple are now in the US again, we'll talk about this next week!

Photos:, PalaisPrincier

The Royal Thumbs Up: Princess Charlene at Ralph Lauren Dinner, Plus Info About Her Jewelry!

Last Tuesday, Ralph Lauren hosted a dinner and a viewing of his Fall 2013 collection at L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

That's the first time ever for Ralph Lauren to show in Paris. The show was in honor of Ralph's patronage and sponsorship of L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Ralph restored a whole wing in the school!

You probably know that Princess Charlene attended the event wearing a purple Ralph Lauren Collection gown. But actually the gown is described officially by Ralph Lauren as: "Ralph Lauren Collection custom amethyst silk taffeta evening dress with organza and organdy silk layers".

The gown is based on this dress from the Fall 2013 collection (the same that was viewed).

Charlene accessorized her gown with Ralph Lauren glittering silver T-bar sandals and a Ralph Lauren Collection Lizard minaudière that retails for $3,500 (the gown costs somewhere between $10,000 and $18,000).

 Now, THE JEWELRY, I got the info confirmed by the Palace. drum roll please!

The earrings and bracelet The Princess of Monaco wore are a part of a historic set that belongs to the House of Grimaldi.

Sadly, the Palace spokesperson said they couldn't provide anymore information regarding the set at the moment, but hopefully we'll know more in the future now that Charlene is probably turning to the vaults for bling. In fact I think this move puts many rumors to rest, it also gives me hope that the Grimaldis have other tiaras and significant jewelry than those we know, maybe Charlene is going to embrace them by time.

Close up of the bracelet

Click on the photo above to see the bracelet in all its glory, man, I can only imagine the rest of this set, a necklace, a stomacher, a tiara (one can dream).

You can watch a video of the event HERE.

What do you think of Charlene's look? Who of Monaco's princesses do you think the set of jewels belonged to?

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Worn in Week: Princess Charlene Wears Akris to Moscow!

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene visited Russia from the 3rd to the 7th of October, the trip was kicked off with an audience with the Patriarch.

Charlene repeated an Akris suit that she wore in 2011 for some Christmas functions. Nothing interesting here, let's move over, folks!

On the 4th of October Albert and Charlene attended an evening gala at the Bolshoi where the Ballet de Monte-Carlo performed along with the Bolshoi.

Charlene wore a long Akris coat and a gown from the Fall 2013 collection, the gown was seen on the runway in black.

Char's dress seems to have the panel less sheer and the sleeves modified. She paired it with a grey Alice purse from Akris and what seems to be her pearl earrings. I'm loving this hairstyle, but not digging the bland color!

On the 5th, Charlene gave a swim-class for children in the Olympic Water Stadium in Moscow.

Charlene arrived wearing this training suit, that others at the event were seen wearing. I don't know whose costume it is, though! Nice to see her engaging in her foundation work during official visits (she swam with the kids)

Later that evening, The Prince and Princess of Monaco attended a a dinner prepared by the Monaco starred chef Alain Ducasse with some dignitary guests.

I was going to post the photo, but then I thought I shouldn't since the Palace removed it from their Facebook page, still the photo is available on other sites. (like here)

Charlene wore THAT dress that created all the buzz. In her defense, the dress is lined and she has worn it once before that time to the Akris cocktail party and it looked fine with the lighting there!

Courtesy of SandrasCloset
This dress is called St. Gallen and is available online on Saks for $3990, you can buy it from HEREJust make sure you don't get your pictures taken with loads of flash!

According to Getty, on the same night they attended a heavy weight title fight between Wladimir Klitschko and Alexander Povetki, but I think it was on the 6th!

Anyway, Charlene wore these black leather pants, black heels and a printed top, none of these is by Akris, if you have an idea about the designer, please do tell. That's a nice change from the usual Charlene attire!

The next day (the 6th), the couple attended the Olympic torch relay!

A blue dress, a black coat and the diamond stud earrings, finally color!

What do you think of Charlene's outfits for the visits?

Photos: Dailymail, Zimbio, Royaldish, Sandrascloset, PalaisPrincer,

Worn in Fashion Week: Princess Charlene Takes Paris!

Firstly, sorry I'm late on this coverage, college work never ends!

Anyway, on the 29th of September, Charlene of Monaco attended the Akris fashion show in Paris during the Fashion Week.  Akris showed the Spring 2014 collection (almost, the most important collection for a RTW fashion brand). Inspired by nature, sand and marble, the collection was mostly in neutral colors, much to Charlene's preference, I'd say. Akris is now known for its prints. however, the prints in this collection where more abstract than usual.

For the event, Charlene arrived wearing a navy coat and under it she wore a navy/black wool dress with asymmetric neckline. The dress is a modified version of a dress shown in the new collection!

Charlene accessorized her dress with a little Ai Messenger bag in denim, Walter Steiger flats, her pearl earrings and a new diamond bracelet.

With her hair waved to one side, I find myself loving this look more than anything Char has worn in the past few months (Except for the Patrice Papa gown), I also think that Albert Kriemler has developed a new neckline that works perfectly on Charlene.

A few days later, Charlene attended the Louis Vuitton fashion show. This collection is the swansong of Marc Jacobs as the creative director of the renowned fashion house, and it did not disappoint at all. From the craftsmanship to the silhouettes and designs, the collection was a bit of a blackish heaven (what a metaphor)!

Charlene wore a grey and black dress (reminds me of the grey dress she wore in New York) and a black coat, possibly by Vuitton. She paired them with her Walter Steiger flats (are they becoming her trademark?) and the Louis Vuitton Capucines handbag in plum.

Jewel-less, Charlene von Monaco combed her hair up and wore a bright purple lipstick (very trendy this season), but I find myself liking the bag more than anything in this look!

What do you think of Charlene's look?

Photos: Akris, newmyroyals,

Worn in Week: Princess Charlene Wears Akris and Dior for the Obama's

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene headed to the US last month for a few engagements, starting on the 18th of September when they unveiled the VBB-3 of the firm Venturi in Utah.

For the casual event, Charlene wore black pants, black polo shirt and a scarf. Not much to talk about, but I like the cap (mainly because that's as hat-ted as Charlene gets!)

On the 24th, the couple attended a dinner celebrating Monaco's 20th anniversary of its entry in the United Nations in New York.

For the occasion, Princesse Charlene de Monaco donned a new Max Mara jumpsuit. It looks quite similar to the one we discussed here but it's actually another version with wide-legged pants and a sash-like shoulder detail, this jumpsuit was worn earlier this summer by Stana Katic in a gorgeous burgundy colour, which makes me wonder, why would someone have two very similar jumpsuits in the same colour from the same brand?!

Char wore no jewelry and (almost) no makeup!

The very next day, Charlene was invited to a luncheon hosted by Michelle Obama at Harlem along with the wives of other dignitaries.

Charlene wore a white peplum Dior spring 2013 dress which fell just upon her knees with a new pair of nude peep toe pumps with bow details.

Later that night the Prince and Princess were invited to a cocktail party by the Obama's.

Charlene repeated an Akris jumpsuit -that she has worn twice before, most notably to a gala held to honor chef Alain Ducasse last December- and paired it with a new pair of sandals (designer unknown).
While many of you were not not keen on the pants for the event, I think that that's an unfortunate photo, because we've seen the outfit before and we know that the pants are not that tight, so I guess it's just the angle. That's said, I guess she could have done better with styling, different shoes and a pair of bigger earrings (she wore her pearl earrings) would have taken this outfit to a whole new level!

Finally, on the 26th Charlene von Monaco attended the Autism Speaks forum as the Honorary Chairman of Monaco Against Autism.

You can take a better view at the grey wrap dress she wore along with the grey coat in the video below.

 We don't know the designer of this outfit but I guess it might be Louis Vuitton (reasons in the next post).

Note: Tune in tomorrow for the post about her Paris Fashion Week appearances as well as some fashion speculations and suggestions!

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Photos: PalaisPrincier, Newmyroyals, dailymail