Princess Charlene's Fashion

Worn in Fashion Week: Princess Charlene Takes Paris!

Firstly, sorry I'm late on this coverage, college work never ends!

Anyway, on the 29th of September, Charlene of Monaco attended the Akris fashion show in Paris during the Fashion Week.  Akris showed the Spring 2014 collection (almost, the most important collection for a RTW fashion brand). Inspired by nature, sand and marble, the collection was mostly in neutral colors, much to Charlene's preference, I'd say. Akris is now known for its prints. however, the prints in this collection where more abstract than usual.

For the event, Charlene arrived wearing a navy coat and under it she wore a navy/black wool dress with asymmetric neckline. The dress is a modified version of a dress shown in the new collection!

Charlene accessorized her dress with a little Ai Messenger bag in denim, Walter Steiger flats, her pearl earrings and a new diamond bracelet.

With her hair waved to one side, I find myself loving this look more than anything Char has worn in the past few months (Except for the Patrice Papa gown), I also think that Albert Kriemler has developed a new neckline that works perfectly on Charlene.

A few days later, Charlene attended the Louis Vuitton fashion show. This collection is the swansong of Marc Jacobs as the creative director of the renowned fashion house, and it did not disappoint at all. From the craftsmanship to the silhouettes and designs, the collection was a bit of a blackish heaven (what a metaphor)!

Charlene wore a grey and black dress (reminds me of the grey dress she wore in New York) and a black coat, possibly by Vuitton. She paired them with her Walter Steiger flats (are they becoming her trademark?) and the Louis Vuitton Capucines handbag in plum.

Jewel-less, Charlene von Monaco combed her hair up and wore a bright purple lipstick (very trendy this season), but I find myself liking the bag more than anything in this look!

What do you think of Charlene's look?

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  1. I thought that her look at the Akris show was perfection. Love the hair, the dress, and the make-up! She should wear her hair like that always, and hire the person that did her make-up.
    I read in RoyalDish, a comment by Marie the admin, that Charlene has many stylists. That would explain why her fashion choices are so extreme. She can really look beautiful like at Akris or the love ball. But the stylist that she brings on foreign tours has been a disaster (e.g. shiny red suit in Poland, pants with the Obamas, and sheer dress in Russia).

    1. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any stylists, she sometimes wears the same dress for like 4 engagements in a row, that doesn't look like what a stylist would do. The shiny red suit, pant suit with the Obamas, and dress in Russia are all by Akris that made her the awesome dress above, so it's pretty clear that these are just her choices!

    2. She must have a stylist as she is always seems to be working. Where would she find the time to look for clothes? Perhaps she was between stylist when she wore the black dress four times in a row.

  2. Though i'm sure her haircut is practical for her needs, aka, swimming...i think it ages her...she reminds me of my boss.

  3. She looks gorgeous !

  4. What a lovely Princess ....