Princess Charlene's Fashion

Charlene and Akris Celebrate Monaco's Fete Nationale!

Two things made the celebrations of the Fete Nationale in Monaco this year exceptional; weirdness and cuteness!
Firstly there was a storm that cancelled a lot of events, then we knew that the Grimaldi Forum was chosen for the opera soiree instead of the Opera Garnier, the usual choice, and finally very few photos were taken of the gala. Weird, no?

The events started on the 18th of November when Prince Albert Charlene visited the Red Cross headquarters in Monte Carlo for the Red Cross gifts distribution.

For the event, Princess Charlene wore an "ecru wool double-face suit with front peplum jacket with leather trim covered zip closure and slim pants". Charlene paired the suit with her Jimmy Choo Vikki pumps and her pearl stud earrings. I like this look, it's appropriate for the occasion and works well on her. I like that the pants aren't too tight, too.

That afternoon, Prince Albert, Princess Caroline, Princess Stephanie and Princess Charlene attended the unveiling of the new statue of Prince Rainier. The statue is the work of  artist Kees Verkade who has done more than one statue for the Grimaldis before.

All suited in black, I adore Caroline for wearing a hat, I also like that Charlene went for flats. The Akris cape made another appearance.

The next day was the time for the festivities starting at the Cathedrale Notre-Dame-Immaculee de Monaco (or simply, Saint Nicholas Cathedral).

The outfit for the most important official event in the Monegaque calendar was -naturally- the responsibility of Akris. Inspired by the Summer 2014 collection, Akris created this "navy wave jacquard lamé and wool double-face asymmetrical coat accessorized with a blue felt capeline hat and a black Akris clutch in horsehair". It's rare when Charlene wears a hat or black hosiery, although both work on her. Her shoes are probably Jimmy Choo.

Caroline opted for a grey, black and white Chanel suit and a large hat. She looked great, and I like that she added green gloves for colour.

Stephanie wore a beige/powder pink coat with black flats and a scrunchie!

Tatiana attended the mass too, wearing a black outfit, pic HERE.

Charlene took the hat off for the balcony appearance, the pearl studs made another appearance!

For the gala, Only Albert, Charlene, Caroline and Pierre showed up at the Grimaldi Forum.

Charlene wore a "long black velvet dévoré shirt dress with an Akris Ai belt."

On top of it, Char wore a mink cape (also by Akris) and a black satin Akris Alice purse. I really love the opera gloves. I think she wore the waterfall earring by Graff.

Princess caroline wore a blue velvet gown (is velvet becoming trendy again?) with brown fur (YAY!) and her Boucheron 18th birthday set.

Looking cute accepting flowers.

Speaking of cuteness...

It surely is not the most glamorous Fete Nationale in recent years, but by far the happiest! Next time tiaras, PLEASE!

What do you think of the outfits of the two C's for the day?

Photos: Palais Princier, Zimbio, Akris, PurePeople, Graff


  1. I like the white pant suit. Yes, I appreciate that the pants are not too tight. (I have given up on Kate Middleton. Her pants are painted on. Not dignified).
    At the statue, the Grimaldis are all wearing black. I like the cape and flat too. At the church, Caroline and Charlene are wearing similar style hats. Then Caroline and Charlene are both wearing velvet dresses and fur!! My theory is that Charlene's new stylist is Caroline. That's why she has been hitting it out of the park for the past couple of months (ever since the Russian trip). Good for Caroline to help Charlene, and good for Charlene to listen to advice!

    1. At the statue, Caroline and Stephanie are wearing the same boots, and Caroline and Charlene are wearing similar skirts. At the church, Caroline and Charlene are wearing the same/similar shoes. I think the sisters are close.

    2. I'm convinced. C&C are coordinating their looks.
      Statue: both in black
      church: both similar hats, similar shoes, gloves
      gala: velvet dresses, fur, dangly earrings
      Neither is currently using botox, etc

  2. That fur stole of Caroline - could it be possible that it is the same stole that Grace wore in the 1970's? (If fur is properly taken care, it is at least technically possible)
    Co-ordinating looks/colours is always fun. I remember several occasions my mother's dress and father's tie were colour co-ordinated and the response was always positive.

  3. I think that Charlene's stockings are probably blue to match her coat. Likewise, Caroline's stockings are grey to match her outfit. Charlene took Caroline's lead.

  4. The best thing that Charlene has done in the fashion sense, has been to cut her hair short. It shows a lot of self confidence (take note Kate Middleton - Shirley Temple curls and short, flared dresses never look good). Who knew that short hair could be so versatile. I think that Charlene is a perfectionist (she would have to be, to be an Olympic level swimmer) and that is why we do not hear her speaking French. I speak French at C1 level but prefer to speak in English as my French is still not absolutely perfect.

  5. Hi Kem,
    I just saw a picture of Charlene arriving for the memorial service. She looks like the young Charlene (before the botox, etc). She looks beautiful!

  6. charlene is always fabulous, doesnt do all silly things like kate, twirling hair, skirts flying up, its funny coz both are commoners, but char is doing a very good job on her own , and her etiquette is superb