Princess Charlene's Fashion

Princess Charlene's Jewelry in NY, Plus Steal Her Style

So as you know Charlene was back to the Big Apple last month for Princess Grace Awards. Since all events were heavily covered, there's no need to discuss the outfits. But before we take a look at the jewelry, I just wanted to let you that you can buy this dress.

The Ralph Lauren Collection dress retails for a whooping $14,000 on their website and is described as:
This romantic Italian-made silk georgette gown is designed with a beautifully fitted crisscross bodice. an alluring open back and narrow pleats that create fluid motion down to the floor.

Charlene wore what looked like her engagement ring and her thin diamond bracelet that night.

For the exclusive showing of To Catch a Thief, Charlene wore this bracelet.

It looks a bit like the Van Cleef and Arpels cuff she wore before, but it's not. I guess it's by Graff, I guess it's this bracelet here from the 2013 collection. (The Palace didn't comment).

But the Palace commented on this!

The bracelet(s) and awesome ring are by Graff. Charlene seems to love yellow diamonds and Graff has been giving yellow diamonds attention for a couple of years. I think she was wearing this ring on the left.

Finally, Charlene arrived at the luncheon wearing Akris and her pearl earrings, but later she changed to this.
Alex Soldier has been designing the Award for the Princess Grace Awards for 5 years. This year Maria Soldier, the executive director of Alex Soldier, attended the luncheon at Daniel restaurant and presented the princess with these earrings. The earrings are made of white gold and encrusted with diamonds. They also feature pear shaped blue topaz stones. Maria said the stones were chosen to compliment the princess's eyes. What a nice gift to receive!

What do you think of Princess Charlene's jewelry for the visit?
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  1. Yes, those blue earrings do make her eyes seem more blue.
    For the most part, Charlene fashion choices have been great. Very chic and classic. Her make up very light and natural. Her short hair was a bold choice and it works (as long as it is not flat). My only advice would be no more plastic surgery or botox, etc. You don't need it. I also think that she has beautiful skin and hence, Al wants her to wear strapless dresses.

  2. I wish Kate Middleton would take a leaf out of Charlene's book. Go light on the make up and hair out your face.

  3. Charlene as always is magnificent and superb!!!

  4. Simplemente perfecta!!!
    Charlène es la princesa más elegante y con mejor estilo.

  5. Kem,
    What's going on with Charlene? Does she have a stylist? She has been absolute perfection the last couple of weeks. Perfect make-up, clothin, jewellery, colour.. Whatever it is, keep it going. She is getting better with age. Is it more confidence?

  6. OMG... These blue earrings do make her eyes seem more blue

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  10. Wow! Wonderful blog. I liked these blue earrings. They are lovely and I can't stop looking at these.

  11. het is echt mijn prinses, elegant en knap en lief !!!!

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  12. Beautiful diamond rings, Princess Charlene has such a great taste in jewelry!

  13. I am such a fan of your style! Love everything about this type of creativity. Your creativity inspires me.

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