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Worn in Week: Princess Charlene's Winter Looks!

So here's a recap of what Charlene has worn while I was drastically sick.

On December 22, they attended the 50th anniversary of JFK's death in Dallas. Charlene wore her Burberry coat, her knee-length boots and the pearl stud earrings.

On December 1, they attended a gala at the Hermitage Hotel. Charlene wore a sleeveless black dress with A LOT of beads, but Albert wins the best dressed for the night IMO.

UPDATE: It's not a dress, it's an Akris top and a tartan kilt by 21st Century Kilts.

On December 2, Charlene attended the opening of the Munchkins Club in Monaco. I love the jacket and I absolutely love the scarf and how she wore it (although something tells me it's just the lining of the jacket). Couldn't ID any of them, though.

 On the 3rd, she attended the Soweto Gospel Choir concert in Monte Carlo. She wore the same dress she wore for the Peace and Sport Gala a few weeks earlier. The dress is Dior. You can watch the choir singing the South African Antheme for Charlene below (yes the dress is backless!)

On the 5th, Her Serene Highness inaugurated the first Starbucks in Monaco. For those who didn't follow Charlene before her marriage, this was one of her goals along with a Stella McCartney and a Manolo Blahnik Boutiques.

For the event, Charlene von Monaco wore what seems to be a wrap dress in grey and a grey coat on top of it. In the beginning I thought it was the same coat she wore last year but upon closer inspection i realized it's not. therefor, my be for this outfit is Akris. Nude Jimmy Choo pumps completed the look.

After that, Charlene gave an interview to journalist Cyril Viguier whose documentary about her will be broadcast next week.

Charlene wore a beige Akris dress and her Jimmy Choo Vikki pumps.

Finally, Princess Charlene of Monaco attended the memorial service of Nelson Mandela in South Africa. She was also supposed to attend his funeral but couldn't because of weather difficulties. I don't know much about this outfit, but I know that this pearl necklace wasn't seen since the 2011 visit to Ireland. She sported a nice bag, too.

What do you think of Charlene's outfits? Which is your favorite?

P.S: Stay tuned this week for A LOT of Christmas fun!

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Photos: newmyroyals, Palais Princier, Zimbio, royaldish


  1. Dear Kem,
    I hope that you are fully recovered. I enjoy your website.
    I do not like that dress with all that beading. It reminds me of a beard.
    I also think that the oatmeal jacket was lined in red and black. I liked every thing that she was wearing that day, but not together.
    Charlene and Albert are very hard working. They are always doing something for Monaco. Good for them.

  2. Dear Anon,

    Thank you. glad I'm not the only one that thinks it's a lining and not a scarf!

  3. Happy to know that you are ok! I LOVE your blog.
    As usual I like everything Princess Charlène wore, but especially the beige jacket at the Munchkins Club, for me is also lined in red, white and black, maybe in a floral design? Just lovely.
    Very nice to see again her pearl necklace.
    I read at that at the gala dinner organized by the House of Scotland at the Hermitage Hotel in Monaco, Princess Charlène wore an original Port Seton dress, here is the link:

    Do you know who the designer was for the blue velvet dress she wore at the MONAA (Monaco against autism) gala dinner? That dress is so gorgeous! Great earrings also and as far as I could see, she wore blue stilettos with a star design.

    1. Thanks :)

      Yes, she wore a kilt, the details are here

      The maker of Princess Charlene's kilt said it was made in her family's tartan!

      I couldn't identify the blue gown, but it's not Akris or Ralph Lauren, my bet is Armani, he does a lot of velvet! the earrings were Graff, though.

    2. Thanks so much!

  4. I love most things she wears, she is so elegant. I like the grey coat over the grey wrap dress, the gorgeous pearl necklace, and the cute wrap jacket.