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Charlene's Clutches IDed

Since it's a very slow week with no new (pictured) appearances, I thought I'd update you on 2 clutches that I've IDed recently.

The first clutch was worn last May in Cannes to the World Images Lova Closing Party in Cannes and later the same day to the Cavalli yacht party.

I thought the clutch was Cavalli, mainly because she was going to a Cavalli party, but it turned out to be Ralph Lauren Collection.

The Embellished lizard clutch comes from the Fall 2011 collection and would cost £3,056 on Net-A-Porter who described it as:
Ralph Lauren Collection's vibrant jungle-green lizard clutch is the luxe way to inject color into pared-back looks. The crystal-embellished Art Deco-inspired clasp gives an on-trend nod to fashion's current retro-revival.

 The other clutch comes from the same designer, Charlene wore it in October 2011 in Toronto to attend the Grace Kelly from Movie Star to Princess Exhibit  with a Dior dress, the clutch looked familiar back then but I never knew why until yesterday when I remembered that I'd seen Jessica Alba carrying it earlier.

This clutch too comes from the Fall 2011 collection and is inspired by vintage jewelry boxes.

 I like how it gave interest to a rather simple outfit.

Which clutch is your favorite?
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  1. wow charlene is one truly cllassy lady?