Princess Charlene's Fashion

Princess Charlene Features on Vanity Fair Italia

Charlene has given an exclusive interview to Vanity Fair Italia for the March issue. The feature included a new photoshoot in the private apartments of the princely couple in the Palais Princier de Monaco.

The feature in the magazine had the headline "Just the two of us" (according to my understanding and Google Translate's questionable sense of translation) and started with these two photos on opposite pages.

P.S: Pics had to be removed as they are not free of rights, so please follow the links and they'll direct you to the pics on Vanity Fair.

The princess wore a backless Dior dress that she's worn a couple of times earlier, most notably to attend the Soweto Gospel Choir concert in Monte Carlo last December. You might notice the ring on her right hand, I think it's the same ring she wore to the Boxing Bonanza and St. David's Day which is still unidentified.

Driu and Tiago did a great job with the photos in my opinion, and I absolutely adore those big glass windows!

The next photo featured a new satin colorblock dress also by Dior.

Above, Charlene wearing Current/Elliott top and jeans and doing the hipster princess pose. I'm not really sure about the fit of the jeans here (skinny?) so you can check them all out here.

The last pic in the feature is probably my favorite picture of Charlene of all times!

Beautiful, smiling broadly and wearing Lanvin, could we ask for more? (actually we could, a tiara!)

Charlene wore Lanvin Floral Lace Top Dress. The frock is available on for $2,270 and is described as:
Stretch cotton short sleeve dress with floral lace yoke and sleeves. Ribbed knit neckline, cuffs, and hem. 38" length. Made in Italy. Cotton/silk. Dry clean

You can buy this dress from here. published a part of the interview where Charlene talked about babies with the photos.

This photo was not included in the printed feature, so I don't know who made the dress, my guess is Dior, though.

As per usual Pablo Ardizzone did Charlene's makeup and Stephane Madinier did her  hair. I think Charlene was styled by Martine de Menthon but I'm not sure (the translation is rough and Google search didn't help much), I assume she owns the clothes since she's already worn the Dior number, I also hope to see more Lanvin on her.

Which was your favorite photo?



  1. The pictures are pretty - but heavily photoshopped, as one can see, by comparing them with pictures shot at official events. Just compare her much heavier upper arms with these stick thin ones.

    What does her serene Highness gain from heavily photoshopped images? Is she so badly in need of them? If yes, we all should pity her indeed.

    The other thing that strikes one's mind: why does the wife of a ruling monarch pose like a C-grade-movie starlet? Yes, her M-i-L did that - *before* she turned princess, when she *was* still a starlet.

    Other regal or princely consorts grant home-stories as well and 'model' to some extent. The question remains: why in some rather non-serene poses? Despite the laws of good taste being out of order in Monaco, it seems frequently, there is no rule that prevents any member of the princely family to strive for a slightly higher level. Which, in the case of princess Charlene, is more than overdue, given her intoxicated candids making the headline recently.

    1. All photo shoots are photoshopped nowadays, I remember photos of Jennifer Lawrence on a magazine where they basically edited everything in her. It's a pity how editors find it necessary to make people look perfect.

      As for the poses, I have to disagree with you. Almost every crown princess in Europe has done similar poses, Princess Grace continued to pose even after her marriage, Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie have posed in way more daring shoots. here Charlene is just holding her hair or sitting with her back to a mirror, nothing severe in my opinion!

    2. I see .... "cosi fan tutte"!

      First: just because _everybody_ does something = having picture heavily photoshopped -, one does not necessarily follow that trend. Following the mainstreaming crowd only proves personal weakness, nothing else. So if her Highness succumbs to peer pressure from commoners, like any given weakminded commoner, why should anybody - including her subjects - even regard her as 'highness"? Or doesn't she even have a say on these publications?

      Being a fan of Princess Grace, i really cannot remember her posing like a starlet _after_ marriage, but i welcome any new information on her and would be rather grateful if you could post helpful information on the respective publications (not the usual homestories, i know these).

      Last but not least: you keep comparing the wife of a ruling monarch - regardless his personal and his country's insignificance these days (after the demise of Grace and Rainier, that is ....) - to some princesses that at the time of these publication were miles away from any succession issues or official functions. Stephanie still being a lesser one, Caroline being a lesser one back then.

    3. In 1962 princess Grace had a plan to return to Hollywood to make the film "Marnie" directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The film was about a neurotic cleptomaniac woman and would include even erotic scenes. She had to abandon the idea as it nearly caused a revolt in Monaco. And even the pope (John XXIII) wrote a letter to her advising her not to do the film. (Grace of Monaco, 1984, by Steven Englund)
      I consider that what Grace WANTED to do is much worse than the recent photos of Charlene in the Italian Vogue.
      "Marnie" was, however, made with Tippi Hedren in the title role.

  2. Hi!! a friend on tumblr who posted these images recieved this message .

  3. Princess Charlene is beautiful and stunning on these photos. i think that it is not because she is rhe wife of a sovereign that she must pose like an old english lady, her hands on her knees with a strict smile. We are at the century XXI not in the century XIX, I like these photos because she are animated and not boring . Go on Princess Charlene, you are the most interessing and beautiful princess of fthis royal gotha

    1. You my rest assured that there is very little chance of Charlene being mistaken for an (English or other) "Lady" :-)