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Worn in Week: Princess Charlene wears Akris to the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters

Last Friday Princess Charlene attended a Monte-Carlo ATP Masters Series Tournament tennis match and met Roger Federer who gifted her signed rackets that are going to be auctioned for the benefit of her foundation.

Charlene wore simple pants with a 2-button blazer and white top accessorized with her Armani ballet flats that she has worn to the same event last year.

Surprisingly, Charlene wore a name tag. Her soft makeup was done by Pablo Ardizzone.

Close up of Princess Charlene's makeup

On the 20th, the princess joined Prince Albert and Elisabeth-Anne de Massy to watch the final match between Stanislas Wawrinka and Roger Federer. 

 Wawrinka won (perhaps Charlene should have made him sign a racket, too).

Princess Charlene wearing Akris

Charlene wore an Akris suit which consists of a crisp white double-breasted blazer with wide-leg pants where the fabric is actually kind of rolled to create the effect. While the silhouette of the pantsuit is something we're used to with Charlene, the interpretation is quite unique.

Charlene's nude pumps are most probably the Gilbert pumps from Jimmy Choo

Char usually wears the Agnes or Vikki pumps, but I think this pair is less pointy and more rounded.

You can buy them from HERE.

Princess Charlene's makeup

Once more, Pablo Ardizzone did her makeup with Radiant-Orchid-coloured lipstick, Pantone's 2014 colour of the year. J'adore! But for the Grand Prix next month I need to see COLOUR!

What did you think of Charlene's looks?

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  1. Another (expected) total fail. The plain-ness of everything she wears (and I note there is a difference between simple and plain -she has plain nailed to perfection), absolutely no bling, not even a pair of diamond studs, no watch, no nothing is deadening. The white tent -oops, "pants"-does nothing for her looks. The makeup is good enough for a daytime event, but then it was professionally done. Even Maxima's daughters look more princess-y than Charlene. Maybe she has no interest in even maintaining the appearance of being a princess?

    1. As far as I remember princess Anne, who is princess by birth, wears no jewellery when she attends sports events (except for Royal Ascot). Would you say that she has not the appearance of a princess?

  2. The white suit is nice -- of course we wish she would wear more jewelry, but the lack of it does not make her seem un-princess-ish. If all it took were bling, Barbara Cartland would look like a queen! Charlene looks so great in colors, it's too bad she doesn't wear brighter things more often. However, she has done better recently than earlier in her marriage. She's a nice girl & getting the hang of it.

    Why does she wear her pant legs so long? Doesn't anyone in the Palace know how to shorten a hem? That does bother me; it's awkward.