Princess Charlene's Fashion

Akris Dresses Princess Charlene for the Grand Prix 2014!

Today is the final day of the 72nd Grand Prix de Monaco and the princely family, as always, stepped in to watch the race. But before talking about today's appearances, let's take a look at Charlene's outfits over the past few days.

On the 22nd, the couple met with the Grand Prix volunteers.

Princess Charlene wore a custom Akris "Tangerine silk tunic dress". Charlene paired it with brown sandals. Her diamond stud earrings completed her look. It reminds me of the Akris dress Cameron Diaz wore before but I'm in love with the color of Charlene's!

The next day and just like last year, Princess Charlene missed the Amber Lounge. But unlike last year, Prince Albert attended.

On the 24th, the princely couple visited the handicapped area.

Charlene wore white pants and a blue top that are not Akris, she paired them with the white version of the sandals she wore two days earlier (I think I now need to ID them!) and her Dior Exquise Sunglasses.

Today (the 25th), Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi attend the final race. The German Nico Rosberg won while the British Lewis Hamilton scored the second place and the Australian Daniel Ricciardo got the third.

Dressing for the theme, the princess donned another custom Akris dress, this time a "white cotton dress with a red silk racing stripe" which also echoed the colors of Monaco's flag.

I don't know what kind of footwear the princess wore since we didn't get any full view pictures yet, but she wore her go-to pearl stud earrings and soft makeup (a bigger picture HERE).

Charlene always steps up her game with Akris for the Grand Prix and this year is no exception, but I need to see the gala gown tonight before making my final judgement!

What do you think of Charlene's looks?
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  1. I was recently visited Monaco for the afternoon. There is an Akris shop there. Monaco wasn't our cup of tea. We prefer hiking, and BBQs. But it was interesting to see. Lots of tourists. There is one policeman for every 60 people. Police were stopping cars everywhere and giving tickets.

  2. When I saw the picture of her in the orange tunic dress, I was so hoping that she was pregnant. (I wore dresses that in early pregnancy). She dressed in orange to match the volunteers.