Princess Charlene's Fashion

The Royal News: Princess Charlene is Pregnant

As many of you have expected last week, the Palace has announced today the pregnancy of H.S.H Princess Charlene of Monaco.

The birth is expected "at the end of the year" and the royal couple is "delighted" with the news.

Princess Charlene has reportedly fainted during a visit earlier in May.

This does not come as a surprise as the princess has stated more than a few times that she loves children and wishes to have some of her own with the prince. It might also be the reason of their happiness and obvious affection during the Grand Prix finale last week. You might also remember that Princess Charlene felt sick and almost fainted during a visit to the town of Carlat in France on May 14 and skipped the night dinner which raised speculations (and hopes) back then.

I'm really happy for the couple and hope the baby will be happy and healthy. I am also totally excited to see Charlene's pregnancy style with, obviously, a lot of custom made Akris garments!

Should we start the boy/girl speculation yet?



  1. I've been wondering as in the photos taken in the past few weeks Albert and Charlene have been holding hands much more often than in the earlier photos. So this is the explanation!

  2. I knew it. When I saw her in that orange tunic dress, I knew that she had to be in early pregnancy. I wore the same type of dresses to hide my pregnancy until after 3 months had past. Charlene may you have a safe pregnancy and a healthy child! I am very happy for you and your husband.

  3. I´m so happy for them! What great news !! I do hope Princess Charlène has an easy delivery and a healthy baby.

    Flor de Argentina (by the way, love your blog!

  4. Princess Charlene must be at least 3 months or a little more. The child must have been conceived just after the Sochi Olympics!

  5. Twins!!!!! All these reports about twins!!
    Wow, that's going to be difficult fashion wise. I think that Charlene should just focus on being comfortable and safe. Loose dresses and no heels. Shoes that are easy to slip on and off, as she will not be able to see her feet.
    Her bump doesn't show at this time because she is so tall. But I expect that she will balloon very soon with twins.

  6. I hope that they have a girl and a boy. They will have the cutest twins as both parents were beautiful as children. As the siblings, Prince Albert looked the most like his mother. The little girl would most likely be blond and blued eyed, so comparisons to Princess Grace will be inevitable. For names, I like Louise Grace and Rainier Albert.

  7. Dear Kem,
    Thank you for posting the happy news about Charlene even though you are in mourning. I am sorry for your loss.
    I look forward to your return. Fantastic blog!

  8. Chad Le Clos just tweeted that he will be seeing Charlene on Friday. Wouldn't it be great if some of her swimming friends were asked to be Godparents! Love Chad. He's like Charlene's little brother.

    1. The swimming websites discuss their love story.

  9. Princess Charlene needs to buy some maternity clothes ASAP. Her repeat powder blue dress, that she was wearing for the rose garden, was much too small at the bust and at the stomach. Theses are good signs. However, she does look tired - morning sickness.