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Queen Letizia Wears Felipe Varela for Proclaimation Ceremony!

Prince Felipe of Asturias was proclaimed king of Spain earlier today.

So on her first day as queen, Letizia turned to Felipe Varela for her ensemble. The  Felipe Varela Atelier creation consists of a crepe coat and dress with an embroidered neckline in summer degradé micro beads in ruby, amethyst crystals, amber and powder pink

This photo is huge, open it in a new tab to see the embroidery details.
Her majesty accessorized the outfit with a sand-colored Felipe Varela clutch and peep-toe pumps by Magrit.

Leti kept the jewelry to a minimum and wore her go-to diamond star earrings only.

The cute dresses of Princess Leonore, the new Princess of Asturias and Infanta Sofia were made by Teresa Fernández Castro and Nieves García Torres.

Do you expect Letizia to activate her glamorous side as a queen? 



  1. Letizia is very very elegant. She looks positively regal. The girls absolutely gorgeous. The King, well what does one say. Most handsome and smart. Don't understand why she, Letizia, is not even wearing her wedding ring. Puzzled.

    1. During the reception she had to shake hands with 2000-3000 persons. It was quite hard even without the ring. People had pressed and shaked her hand so that the hand was quite red and the skin was broken. (Saw somewhere a photo of her hand, it looked terrible).

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