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Princess Charlene Jewelry-Pedia: Dior Flower Earrings

As promised, Princess Charlene Jewelry-Pedia is our new feature on the blog. Here we will discuss each piece worn by Charlene ever since she made her first public appearance.

So today we'll start with one of the new, lesser-known earrings.

Princess Charlene wearing Dior Earrings

In the photo shoot that was done in the Princely Palace and for Vanity Fair Italia and Gala magazines, Her Serene Highness wore a black Dior sweater and these flower earrings.

Close up of Princess Charlene earrings.

This pair comes from "Milly sous la neige" collection from Dior's Haute Joaillerie. I believe this collection was released in 2010, but this, as far as I'm concerned, is Charlene's first time to wear these earrings.

They are thought to have retailed for about 5000$.

What do you think of these earrings?
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