Princess Charlene's Fashion

Who Wore It Better, Princess Charlene or Penelope Cruz?

Back in May 2007, Charlene Wittstock attended the Grand Prix Gala at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club wearing this gown.

Months earlier, Penelope Cruz wore the same Dior dress to attend the "Volver' Premiere at the New York Film Festival in October 2006.

They both accessorized the "One-shoulder silk-chiffon gown with an inbuilt corset, side zip closure, silk buttons on side for contoured fit and silk slip beneath the layers beaded with diamante accents that was designed by John Galliano for Christian Dior" with silver sandals and clutch.

While I prefer how the gown itself looks on Charlene, I'm leaning more towards Penelope for the impeccable styling, hair and makeup compared to Charlene's messy locks and barely-there makeup.

So, the decision is yours:



  1. let's join us with

  2. Penelope Cruz looks every inch a lady - even in that cheap looking dress.

    Charlene looks every inch as if she was wearing a cheap 60's polyester nightie and just fell out of bed without having made up.

    No surprise the ladies in Monaco gossip(ped) about her ever since she hit the scene there.

  3. I can't wait until the August 1st (Red Cross Ball). Princess Charlene is scheduled to go (South African misical entertainment). She will have the most fab designer maternity ball gown.

    1. Here's a link to Princess charlene's latest photo from the side;
      The front angle is misleading. She is wearing a very loose dress, but you see that she is very large given that she is not due until December (five more months to go). If she is that big at four months then I believe that it is twin.