Princess Charlene Jewelry-Pedia: Mark Gold Jewels

In July 2011, the new princess Charlene attended her wedding reception at the Oyster Box in Durban.

Open the photo in a new tab for the full-size.

For the occasion Charlene wore a custom Terrence gown (that we will discuss later) paired with a set of modern jewels.

The set was created especially by South African jeweler, Mark Gold.

The earrings are "made of Black Rhodium plated 18ct White Gold, black diamonds, purple amethyst and Briole cut black onyx".

The ring is made of black diamonds and an amethyst. The contemporary jewels were handmade and took about 3 weeks to manufacture.

This lovely set is now on display in Mark Gold's store in Durban. And though it was only a loan to the princess, it's not for sale.

I have to say I was a bit sad when I knew that Princess Charlene doesn't own these earrings and ring, especially, since the color of these amethysts really suits her, but then I thought that more people get to see these delightful jewels than we'll ever do with Charlene, No?

So tell me, what do you this of this Mark Gold jewelry?

Photos:, Mark Gold Jewels.


  1. thank you for placing the pics and info on the jewelry. It is gorgeous. she really shines in jewelry and should wear a tiara more often

  2. Wow those earrings are amazing!!! I totally want a pair...if i could ever afford it ! The purple and black goes well together!! I might be in love!

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