Princess Charlene's Fashion

Princess Charlene's Jewelry at the Red Cross Gala 2014!

This blog was started as a place to follow royals and their fashion and style history, but I've been learning a lot of blogging lessons from it. Take the Red Cross Gala as an example:

Lesson 1: Don't trust the tags on Getty:

Getty tagged Van Cleef and Arpels, for no reason obviously since the headband looked like a Graff creation, a thought that I've expressed on Twitter shortly after I wrote that the jewelry might have been VCA on the post.

Princess Charlene wearing Graff headband and Earrings

Charlene was, like many have thought, wearing the Flower-Motif Alice band from Graff. The headband weighs 16.47 carats of diamonds.

Charlene's earrings were officially described by Graff as " Round and pear shape diamond drop earrings" and weigh 11.22 carats.

Princess Charlene wearing diamond earrings by Graff Diamonds

The bracelet however is NOT from Graff. Not from Van Cleef and Arpels either, nor Repossi. So the second lesson I've learned after Googling "Diamond bracelet" and checking each jewelry website and every jeweler's Instagram account is to learn to give up sometimes on knowing something that even the Palace's spokesperson doesn't know!

Yet again, we knew about the Graff thing before the palace did, so maybe one of you would recall seeing this bracelet somewhere(?). Char also wore her Repossi engagement ring.

I don't remember seeing Charlene wearing all this jewelry at once before. And while I absolutely love that she went for some extra bling, I have to wonder if being a future mother has anything to do with this decision. I also have to wonder how her look would have been like had she worn a back necklace!

One last note; Pablo Ardizzone, Charlene's go-to makeup artist, did not do her makeup this time, I'm yet to know if Stephane Madinier did her hair.

So, do you think we'll see any of these jewels again on Charlene?

Photos:,,,, Graff PR


  1. I hope she will wear them, specially the bracelet. We seldom see other than historic bracelets on royal ladies. Except for different chains modern bracelets seem to be a rarity and this looks like a modern one. Fortunately this is not the first time Charlene wears a bracelet, so there is hope she'll do it again.

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  4. I had lunch with a couple who live around Monaco. They said that Prince Albert is unable to say no to any work that is offered to him (as he is constantly working), and that Princess Charlene is a good person. It's nice to know what the locals think and I totally agree.

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