Princess Charlene's Fashion

Princess Charlene in Louis Vutton for the Evian Championship

Last week, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene Evian Championship village for the final round of The Evian Championship.

I don't know who designed Charlene's pants and top for the event! Akris said it's not theirs, but that doesn't necessarily mean they didn't make it, my guess is Dior anyway!

For the golf event, Charlene kept her outfit casual and cozy wearing those wide pants and V-neck top paired with Dior sunglasses and a new Louis Vuitton clutch.

For shoes, Charlene opted for the "Oxford Ballerinas" from Louis Vuitton. The shoes are made of calf leather and are "embellished with an LV initials accessory and sports an extremely supple rubber nub sole".

Charlene's exact same pair is now sold out, but a slightly-similar-colored version is now available online for £335. You can buy it from HERE.

This outfit is so expected yet very appropriate for the occasion and for Charlene's new body type, I hope New York will bring more exciting fashions from Charlene this week!


  1. Too much blue. The outfit should have been blue and white, or some other combination. I personally do not like wide pants, nor pants that look like they touch the ground. A simple blue dress would have looked nicer.

  2. char looks great as usual and yes looks comfortable for her pregnancy she looks awesome, Albert is one lucky man, char is just amazing!

  3. It quite seems that Charlene has been looking into my closet as I have a similar combination (completed with a dark blue short-sleeved knit). The reason why my trousers reach the ground is that I've lost weight since I bought them.