Princess Charlene's Fashion

Palace Releases First Photos of the Twins!

An early Christmas present from the Princely Palace in Monaco!

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene with their twins

The photos show Princess Charlene and Prince Albert hugging Princess Gabriella (in pink) and Prince Jacques (in blue).

The photos were taken yesterday at the Princess Grace Hospital Centre in Monaco where Princess Charlene has given birth to the twins.

Princess Charlene holding Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella

Taken by the palace's photographer Frederic Nebinger, the photos are Christmas-themed and show Al and Char very happy and content with the tiny little prince and princess!

The Princely Family of Monaco!

Princess Charlene of Monaco is expected to leave the hospital on time for Christmas, so most probably today or tomorrow. In a recent phone interview, she said she was crazy in love with her newly-born children!

Princess Gabriella of Monaco looking so cute on the arms on her mother!

Just a small fashion note, Princess Charlene wore a cream ruffled blouse with a pair of dark blue jeans and her go-to pearl stud earrings, I'm working on finding an ID for the blouse! Wishing the Prince and Princess of Monaco all the best with their newly-born Prince and Princess!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Monaco Welcomes the Princely Twins!

Great news to wake up to.  The palace has announced that Princess charlene has given birth to Princess Gabriella Thérèse Marie on the 10th of December at 17:04 and Prince Jacques at 17:06.

42 gunshots were fired followed by ship horns.

The princess and the children are doing well.

Though born first, Princess Gabriella is the second in the line to the throne and will receive the title of the countess of Caraldès. Prince Jacques, now the crown prince of Monaco (the palace called him "the crown pronce") will receive the title of Marquis of Baux.

I'll keep this post updated with the latest information. 

The time to celebrate has come!

(Excuse the typos, too excited here)