Princess Charlene's Fashion

And We're Back!

 Firstly, let me thank everyone that has emailed, tweeted or asked about the blog through any social media channel. It felt amazing when I received the first email asking what happened to the blog.

So what happened to The Royal Couturier?

Basically, a lot of time and effort were put into this blog over the past few months in order to turn it into a place where we all can enjoy ourselves a little bit more. From the new design all the way to the new logo (Our coat of arms has a dress :D), the content will also have an evolution of its own.

We're still discussing royals, Princess Charlene, you're not off the hook. But we'll also be looking at more designers that I hope to see more people/royals supporting as well as covering some of the most important fashion events in Egypt and the Middle East. So from now on, together we'll be looking at everything royal and everything couture. The new features will be:
  • The Egyptian Couturier.
  • Train Tuesday/Thursday.
  • Fabric Friday.
  • I'm not telling you about the rest. :P

Finally, let me thank everyone that contributed over the past few months to make my vision of TRC come true:
  • Matej Bilić: banner and logo designer.
  • Eve M.: Webdesiger.
  • Hadeer Hameed.
  • Bassam ElMahy.
  • Ashrakut Ammar
  • Marwan Salim.
  • Hisham Sittin.
I would have had an emotional breakdown and stopped blogging if it weren't for you all, and you readers of course :)

So what are you waiting, start exploring!


    Love the new design of your blog.
    Please keep posting about Princess Charlene. TRC is THE place to look for proper and fully covered info about what she is wearing.
    Thank you so much for this great come back!!
    Bluma de Argentina

  2. Congratulations! Love the new look! You and your team work well together. :D