Princess Charlene's Fashion

Princess Charlene Wears Graff for the Monte Carlo TV Festival 2015

While Prince Carl-Philip was tying the knot in a pretty cool ceremony in Sweden, Princess Charlene was opening the Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo

Right on what she wore, I really don't know. This black draped dress is surely not Akris and it's not on the runway of any of Charlene's regular brands or on sale in any stores that I've looked. However, it might be a version of this Ralph Lauren or this Hermes. If you have any idea, do tell!

Princess Charlene in Hermes shoes.
Charlene wore the "Highlight" Sandals from Hermes. The shoes are made of suede goatskin and their buckles are gold plated, fancy, eh? You can order this foot candy from the Hermes store for £820 (I don't really want to know much that is in dollars).

Now to the important part...

The Princess might have missed a tiara event, but she made sure to throw us a bone, a bone worth $700,000...
These earrings come from Graff Diamonds, and are made of diamonds and rubies. Alanna Martinez from had the chance to try the earrings in March in 2015 at the European Fine Art Fair in Holland.

Since they're valued at around 700,000, it's quite safe to assume that they're a loan.

Do you like these earrings on Charlene?

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  1. Perhaps the gift for the birth of twins

  2. I've heard that Graff never loan out their jewelry. They don't need to for the publicity. Albert is a billionaire and Charlene has several pairs of Graff earrings so I'm going with push present for the twins.

    1. Actually the speculation is that most of the Graff pieces the princess has worn were loans. Graff might not lend their jewels to movie stars, but Charlene is the Princess of Monaco. I asked Graff before if the Princess owns these pieces and they said they could not comment on such thing. We have to wait for the earrings to be worn again to know if she owns them or not.

  3. Very stunning earrings. rubies and diamonds are the colors of the Principality of Monaco, so perhaps they are to celebrate the birth of the twins.

  4. Such lovely earrings!
    They are quite similar to those she wore at the Red Cross Ball in 2007, but I´m not sure if it´s the same pair of earrings....
    Fee Aurora de Argentina