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Who Wore Valentino Better, Princess Charlene or Queen Maxima?

Another fashion face-off for the red Valentino jumpsuit Princess Charlene wore for the Red Cross Ball last month.
Queen Maxima Princess Charlene Valentino red jumpsuit
This time it's Queen Maxima who donned the frock to attend the opening of the new season of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam.

Valentino red jumpsuit

I have to hand it to Charlene this time, too. The jumpsuit needed simple earrings and accessories in a different colour, that Char delivered. But it's the bow that sells this outfit on Charlene to me. Maxima on the other hand chose matchy-matchy shoes and clutch and dangling (man are they gorgeous!) earrings that looked rather messy with her hair. But still, the choice is yours. So do tell me...

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Photos: Parismatch, celebtichy, neimanmarcus


  1. Oh myh, the fabulous 'Order of sartorial Splendour' reflected upon this very topic weeks ago - on September 11th, pretty soon after Queen Maxima having worn this onesie. Up to date, her thread resulted in 438 comments of her followers - i doubt there is indeed one aspect left that has not yet been discussed in depth ;-).

    In answering your question: Maxima wore it better - because this attire suited the occasion far better than in Charlene's case.

    1. Hi,

      I see what you're doing here ;) I look at all royal bloggers with admiration and respect. As you may find here, I've been comparing ensembles Princess Charlene has worn to others for quite some time. As for the post being published two days after it was discussed elsewhere, I follow my own posting schedule. And let me just say that for years TRC has published exclusive, never-before-published information confirmed by fashion houses and royal courts.

      Thanks for passing by :)

    2. I have your blog in my feed-reader, that's why this entry came to my attention - like all the others i enlisted in.

      While of course your blogging schedule is nobody's business but your own, i was mainly trying to point out that in this particular case practically anything has been said that can possibly be said - about a simple piece of garment :-).

      It's not like the topic is subject to frequent changes that might require re-adjusting one's opinion, and it's not quite as important as annual reports from the UN on nuclear weapon facilities in certain parts of this lovely blue planet.

      And yes, sometimes you do provide exclusive material. If you did not - you would have been deleted from the feedreader a long time ago.

      Thanks anyway for making the effort of responding.