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Princess Charlene in Dior to Meet Monaco's Athletes

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene met with the athletes who are to represent Monaco at the Olympics this year in Brazil.

princess Charlene colorful zulu necklace
For the occasion, the Princess of Monaco donned a dark navy Dior jumpsuit that from a first glance might fool you for a dress.

princess Charlene in Dior jumpsuit

Charlene paired her extraordinary jumpsuit with the Dior asymmetrical d'orsay pumps she wore for her twins' baptism in 2015. The off-white color might seem odd until you see this.

princess Charlene in Dior jumpsuit

An even more odd white insert, there's also a pocket there.

Beside her everyday pearl earrings, Charlene de Monaco wore a traditional South African Zulu beaded necklace. This kind of necklaces is usually worn in weddings but in Char's case it was worn to add a much needed pop of color and a reminder of her heritage, well played!

You can buy a similar necklace for 65 Rand (about 5 dollars) from

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Princess Charlene Christens the Seven Sear Explorer in Hervé Léger

"I bless this ship, Seven Seas Explorer, and all who sail on her," is what Princess Charlene said when she christened the most luxurious ship ever built. Charlene is the godmother of the ship that is planned to set sail on July 30th.

For the occasion, the Princess of Monaco chose the Sophia Metallic Foil Mermaid Gown from Hervé Léger. While the designer is not a usual choice for her, the frock is definitely true to Princess Charlene's style. And my I say it fits her like a glove!

The dress is currently on sale at Net-a-porter for $716, you can buy it from HERE.

Charlene paired the figure-hugging dress with Manolo Blahnik sandals and a repeated silver clutch, my memory does not serve me as to whether the clutch is Dior or Chanel, I'm leaning towards Dior, though.

I have been waiting for better pics to be able to identify the jewelry worn by the Princess of Monaco, but apparently this is not going to happen. The bracelet is giving me serious Cartier vibes anyway.

I can't help but compare this number to the last (and first) Hervé Léger dress Charlene wore which was in 2010 to the Russian Night Gala in Cannes, 6 years can do wonders really!

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Photos: Palais Princier, People, Net-a-porter