Princess Charlene's Fashion


Since its launch in 2011, The Royal Couturier has been a celebration of everything royal, majestic and purely elegant. Over the past few years, TRC has helped highlight some long lost and forgotten monarchies and, of course, ensembles as well as bring attention to designers that are either too old or too new to be seen on the mainstream media.

Today, The Royal Couturier is proudly the number one source of information regarding the Egyptian Royal Family, Princess Charlene of Monaco and ways to copy the style of all royalty from around the world.

About me:

At the age of 5, I' saw a photo of Princess Fawzia of Egypt in a satin and lace gown and a tiara that's still enchanting me to this day. Ever since then, I've been intrigued by royalty, fashion, jewelry and glamor. When I'm not looking up old magazines and online fashion stores trying to locate what royals wore or did, I go to business school and write poems and short stories as well as fashion articles for several publications.